Tamara Taggart with Her Beautiful Children

Enjoy these bonus photos of Tamara Taggart's latest photoshoot for TVW magazine

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Tamara Taggart lounges with her three children (L-R): Poppy, Beckett and Zoë.

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Zoë gives her mom a big kiss

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Beckett bounces on the bed

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


A quiet moment between mother and daughter

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros



Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Tamara sits down with Poppy for a quick read

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Tamara, Beckett and Zoë

Credit: Kyrani Kanavaros


Just the gals

Bonus photos of Tamara Taggart’s latest photoshoot for TVW

Enjoy these bonus photos from the upcoming issue of TVW magazine, featuring an exclusive story with Tamara Taggart as she opens up about a recent health scare.

The CTV News anchor started 2012 in a dramatic way she’ll never forget. Minutes before she was due to appear on the air in early January, she suddenly blacked out. When it happened again days later, she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery that ultimately saved her life. Tamara opens up about her rare medical condition — and how it’s shaped her new perspective on life. 

Read the full story about Tamara Taggart’s health scare.