Teen Comedy Honor Society Debuts on Paramount

An ambitious teen tries to scheme and seduce her way to the Ivy League in this funny, offbeat coming-of-age flick

An ambitious teen tries to scheme and seduce her way to the Ivy League in this funny, offbeat coming-of-age flick 

After playing student reporter Betty Brant in three Spider-Man movies, Angourie Rice takes on a character closer to herself in this new movie headed to Paramount’s nascent streaming service. 

In Honor Society, the Australian actress is cast in the title role of Honor, an overachieving high school senior who will do whatever it takes to realize her dream of getting to Harvard. But first she must gain the coveted recommendation of her guidance counsellor, Mr. Calvin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Superbad), which hinges on acing her midterms and beating out three other candidates. 

Honor SocietyParamount+She identifies Michael (Gaten Matarazzo, Stranger Things) as her chief rival and launches a plan to undermine this classic nerd in braces by inviting him to study with her for the exams and turning on her own seductive charms to distract him.  The only problem? She finds herself falling for her target. 

For Rice, this represents her first starring role, which she jumped at because she felt she had common ground with Honor. 

“I saw a portrait of myself reflected back at me and who I was in high school,” the 21-year-old actress explains with a chuckle. “I was a very, very ambitious student, put a lot of pressure on myself to do really well at everything, and I saw that in Honor.” 

Honor SocietyParamount+“But I think what I saw in Honor that really struck me,” she continues, “was how unashamed and unabashed she is of going after what she wants. She lets the audience in on her plan. She’s [so] unashamed, that she will do whatever it takes to succeed and… that’s something that I loved and that I wanted to play with.” 

Rice also has high praise for Matarazzo, who she calls a gem and a pleasure to work with. 

“What I loved about doing the scenes with him,” she explains, “is that there are so many layers to each scene that Honor and Michael have. There are layers of pretending, there are layers of… saying one thing and meaning something else. There are so many levels to those scenes of pushing and pulling with different emotions. So it was so exciting to get to play around with that with Gaten because he became a really good friend of mine.” 

After wrapping the two-month shoot earlier this year in Vancouver, Rice had to decompress from the intense schedule that demanded she be in every single scene. But for her, remnants of Honor remain. 

“I think with any character I play,” she says, “it’s going to happen that I end up carrying a little bit of that character with me—something that I’ve learned or something that I identify with. So I feel like it’s not really gone.” 

Honor Society premieres Friday, July 29th on Paramount+ (Stream)