Vancouver Celebs Reveal Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Local athletes, musicians and media personalities tell us what they're hoping to change this year

Credit: Bob Frid/Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Jordan Harvey, Vancouver Whitecaps

New Year’s Resolution

“I will be learning Spanish for my 2016 New Year’s resolution. I have taken classes, but never wholeheartedly made it a priority. Este ano is el ano!”


Jordan Harvey, a Vancouver Whitecap, scored the 10,000th goal in MLS history on June 19, 2013. The native of Mission Viejo, California is married to singer Kim Caldwell. The couple recently welcomed their first child in October, Harlow Monroe Harvey.

Bif Naked, Recording Artist

New Year’s Resolution

“My New Year Resolution is the same every year, and 2016 is no different: love all, serve all. It never changes, and I am happy to endeavour to try harder every year to live for others before myself: in my family, my work relationships and in my community. When the distractions of my life and job get in the way of this, I simply reset and start again every morning.”


Bif Naked is a celebrated and notorious performer in music, TV, film, and dance, and a tireless advocate and humanitarian. A breast-cancer survivor and warrior, she inspires others to fight whatever battle lies ahead. This year, she is releasing her memoirs, Volume One, and will be recording another album.

Christie Lohr, Fashion Personality

New Year’s Resolutions

“To read more: I probably have a dozen books collecting dust. A sequel to my favourite book of all time, Shantaram, was recently released and that’s first up.

“To travel and experience other cultures: I’ve spent the last five years building a business. Sometimes we get caught in our little bubble, so in 2016, I’m hoping to see more of the world and seek out some adventure.

“To hustle harder: Style Nine to Five launched in NYC over a year ago, and by the end of 2016, I hope we’ll be launched and operating in LA.

“To be present: Social media is so important in building and marketing your brand, but instead of just mindlessly scrolling at times, I’m trying to create a set schedule that allows for some of that online time.”


Christie Lohr is one of Vancouver’s most fashionable business women. A trailblazer in the Canadian fashion scene, Lohr launched Style Nine to Five, the first career board website catering to fashion jobs across Canada, which has now expanded to New York City.

Credit: Jeff Vinnick/Devin Manky/Vancouver Canucks

Alex Biega, Vancouver Canucks

New Year’s Resolution

“My wife and I recently made a resolution to live in the present moment and enjoy life as much as we can. I lost a good buddy in a car accident about a week backit was really a wake-up call to see a young kid like this lose everything in one second. It’s crazy that it has to take moments like that to make us realize that life is a blessing.”


Alex Biega made his NHL debut with Vancouver on February 16, 2015. While he’s a definite force on the ice, his tweets reveal his family and friends are top of mind, a theme echoed in his New Year’s resolution.

Credit: Charles Zuckerman

Prevail, Recording Artist

New Year’s Resolution

“My New Year’s resolution is to continually challenge myself in areas I once thought I had mastered. I am resetting the clock on the proverbial “10,000 hours of practice” and am pushing for understanding through reconstruction.”


Prevail is a four-time Juno-Award winning Canadian hip-hop artist, who has been called one of the most innovative people in Canadian hip-hop. He’s the publisher of Prevail Prevail, an online guide to the good life and has just returned from touring once again.

Ronnie Negas, Real Housewives of Vancouver

New Year’s Resolution

Ronnie Negus was born under the Chinese zodiac Year of the Monkey, the sign for 2016. “I am really looking forward to embracing 2016 and all it has to offer.” Negas is looking forward to “Endless possibilities transformation, new beginnings, and adventure, and encourages all to believe in yourself”. “Here’s to life and embracing 2016!” is her call for 2016.


Ronnie Negas is best known for the reality television show, Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Jillian Harris, Love It or List It Vancouver

New Year’s Resolution

Harris has a whole post on her website with all of her resolutions. One of the most important to her is to spend more time with loved ones. “I know that I say this every year, but it is still on my resolutions list and I think it always will be. I am so lucky with the amount of time that I do get to spend with my loved ones, but you can always have more! I want to travel new places, relax, and have fun with the people I love most this year.”


Harris was one of the most notable Bachelorettes, on ABC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette. She is the Host of Love it or List It Vancouver and Love It Or List It, Too (USA), and a spokesperson for international brands, an interior designer, and publisher of a variety of extremely useful and stylish lifestyle content on

Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett, The Food Gays

New Year’s Resolution

“Our biggest resolution for 2016 is to be more mindful about what we eat, and where it’s coming from. We both love food (obviously), and want to make a larger effort to eat as seasonally and locally as possible this year.”


The Food Gays, Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett, publish the food blog,, and are contributors for Martha Stewart, The Province, and writers of the forthcoming city guide The HUNT Vancouver (Gatehouse Publishing, Spring 2016).

Carmen Ruiz y Laza, Carmen TV

New Year’s Resolution

Ruiz y Laza encourages us to take time this season to dream of who we want to be, and how to be the best we can with a few simple alterations. Her resolutions include: more time in Stanley Park; hiking in the trails and running at Brockton Oval, more time with friends, accepting more invitations to socialize, and more trips to Spain. Her large family awaits with open arms and paella parties, and she must support those Spanish wineries.


Carmen Ruiz y Laza has worked in the film and television industry for more than two decades. She hosts CarmenTV, a program that seeks out the hottest local experts for tips on travel, cuisine, fashion and beauty, entertaining and designtailored specifically for discerning boomers.

Jim Gordon, The Travel Guys

New Year’s Resolution

“My New Year’s resolution is simply to learn to cook more dishes. Though I exercise and try to eat healthy, I tend to dine out too much. This year, I aim to eat home-cooked meals more often. And speaking of food, I’d also like to find the time to get our travel show back to Italy to film more episodes this year!”


Jim Gordon has been the weekly film critic on CTV Vancouver since 1998, and the co-host/producer of The Travel Guys since 2003.