Wayne Cox Through the Years

Everyone's favourite weatherman says goodbye to his Global gig this December, so we put together a snapshot of Cox's 44-year career

Wayne Cox Says Goodbye to Global BC

After 20 years of calling for rainstorms, heat waves and everything in between, Global BC weatherman Wayne Cox is getting set to leave the local station at the end of this year. In the November 24 issue of TVW, the popular broadcaster talks about his early days in radio and TV, and reflects on how technology has transformed his work and why leaving his post at Global BC doesn’t mean he’ll be disappearing from the cameras altogether. Here’s a look at Wayne through the years. For the full story, check out the Wayne Cox issue when it hits stands Friday, November 16.


Wayne Cox’s early days in FM radio


Throughout his career, Cox wore a number of different hats, including that of television host


Back in the ’70s, Cox liked to wear his hair a little longer and his suits a little brighter


Cox gets his makeup touched up before going on air


Always the consumate professional, Cox was game for anything, even arduous tasks like hosting a bikini contest


During his 44-year career, Cox was known for his silky voice and smooth demeanor


In his 20-year stint at Global, Cox became a comforting presence for news viewers


This December, Cox will say farewell to Global, but promises it won’t be the last you’ll see of him