Dinner and Movies at MARKET

In this dinner and a movie scenario, it's the film that's the appetizer

Movies at MARKET

Champagne at the movies? Yes please

Take your dinner-and-a-movie plans to the next level with Movies at MARKET

Poor dinner and a movie. Often derided for its lack or originality, it’s become the mac and cheese of the social calendar. Don’t want to strain coming up with a creative date idea? Dinner and a movie it is.

So it’s a pleasant surprise just how enjoyable Movies at MARKET is. The monthly series improves upon this tried-and-true formula and is memorable rather than rote – and I was able to experience just how eventful a night of food and film can be.

Before the film began to show in the Shangri La’s private Blue Moon Theatre, I was able to grab a flight of champagne and a box of gourmet popcorn, a slight step up from my usual go-to combination of Sour Patch Kids and fountain cola.

On the night I attended, we were treated to a screening of Jon Favreau’s Chef, a film about a former up-and-coming chef whose success has led to a creative stall. The answer? Opening a Cuban-inspired food truck.

The movie itself was enjoyable, but what makes the evening stand out is the meal that follows. Head chef Montomery Lau and his team prepare a menu inspired by the movie you just watched. For instance, Favreau’s character opens a food truck that serves cubanos and has an infamous scene with chocolate lava cake. Guess what was on the table directly after film ended? Cubanos and lava cake, all done with a unique spin from the MARKET culinary team.

It might not sound like a big deal, but there’s something powerfully engaging about tasting what you just saw in the theatre. Your imagination (and salivary glands) start racing when you see the food on screen, so to be able to indulge those cravings right after is intensely satisfying.

Movies at MARKET has shown a number of foodie films (Chef, Red, Spinning Plates) and will be showing Chocolat this February 13th and 14th for a special Valentine’s Day edition. Tickets are $78 per person, and can be reserved by calling 604-695-1115.