Conor Maynard: Meet Britain’s Answer to Justin Bieber

British pop sensation Conor Maynard reflects on his newfound success and reveals his plan to take on North America

Credit: Joe Leary

Britain’s Conor Maynard is ready to tackle the North American audience

Conor Maynard is the latest Brit pop star to cross the Atlantic and he’s gearing up for a similar run in North America

At just 19 years of age, Conor Maynard’s soulful sound belies his youth and has earned him the title of pop’s brightest new star.

With his album Contrast debuting at the top of the UK charts, Maynard is ready to take on a new audience across the Atlantic Ocean.

“It’s kind of nice being in a place where you have to prove yourself and impress; it’s like having a second chance to make a first impression,” he tells me.

“Because I’ve learned so much in the UK, coming to new places like North America gives me a chance to really know how I want fans to perceive me. I want them to know exactly what they’re buying into when they buy my music.”

Much like a certain Canadian star named Justin Bieber, Maynard also became a viral sensation, gaining attention through a series of videos posted on YouTube to meet constant demands.

“When I was at school, people learned that I could sing and everyday they would ask me to sing for them. I started to record covers on YouTube so they could watch me and hear my voice without me actually having to sing to them all the time. It really was just for my friends to see. I was at college at the time so it was a massive surprise when the views started to go crazy.”       


With his native Britain already declaring him to be “R&B’s next superstar,” Maynard admits that while he can remain anonymous in Vancouver at the moment, it’s a scene that could quickly change given his rising stardom back home. 

“Normally when I go out I’ll be recognized because in the UK, my first single went to Number Two and a lot of people know who I am,” he says.

“It really hit me when I had a day off and went to a club in Brighton with my friends and I couldn’t leave my booth. I would try to go to the bar to get a drink and I was asked for photos all the way there. Things have definitely gotten a bit crazy.”