Get a taste of Vancouver’s indie scene at Music Waste 2010

Catch a showcase of Vancouver's indie music, art and comedic talent all this week.

Friendship and the Fawn plays at this year’s Music Waste.

Music Waste is set to prove there’s no shortage of indie talent in Vancouver

Whoever said Vancouver’s indie scene is in the toilet has, well, probably seen the posters for Music Waste 2010.

But if you’re looking for some new tunes, and a really good laugh, to kickstart your summer, you won’t want to waste this chance to get a taste of Vancouver’s hottest indie bands June 2–5, 2010, at Music Waste.

Music Waste 2010

Music Waste 2010

See bands like Black Wizard at Music Waste. (Photo: Kate Henderson)

More than 100 bands will light up venues like the Anza Club, Honey, the Cobalt and Funky Winkerbeans, alongside three comedy revues, eight art exhibitions and the three essential Bs of summer—bowling, baseball and a BBQ.

Tickets are only $15 and selling out fast. Get the full festival lineup and follow Music Waste on Twitter for the latest news.