Vancouver represents in Copenhagen

Local photog Kris Krüg captures Vancouver changemakers... and Daryl Hannah?

Credit: Kris Krüg

Vancouver photographer Kris Krüg turns his camera on the strong presence of Vancouver changemakers at the Copenhagen climate talks (oh, and Daryl Hannah) 

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the Fresh Air Center has acted as basecamp for many media people and NGOs, accredited and unaccredited alike. Situated near the Bella Center in Copenhagen, the Fresh Air Center is a part of TckTckTck, a global campaign platform designed to bring climate justice organizations together in solidarity.

The center acts as the main news hub so that the rest of the world can be connected and informed of the negotiations in real time.

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15

It is very exciting to have such a Vancouver crew represented at the Fresh Air Center. Countless numbers of Vancouver people have worked on the TckTckTck campaign and with other climate justice organizations, so it is really no surprise of their strong presence at the conference.

We even have our very own Mayor Gregor Robertson here in Copenhagen where he is set to attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors.

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15  

Vancourite Jason Mogus has been working as a web strategist for TckTckTck, while based out of Vancouver. He has helped with the organization of the Fresh Air Center and all of its participants.

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15  

The Fresh Air Center turns out a lot of media on any given day of the conference. Vancouverite Steve Rio has been the web producer and media manager for the center and TckTckTck during COP15. He is a very busy guy!

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15

The work is never over! Hardworking Vancouverite Kevin Grandia (left)—who works for and The Huffington Post and is in Copenhagen with Jim Hogan, who “outs climate change skeptics as frauds”—has been part of the Vancouver group working at the Fresh Air Center.

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson (pictured here with Heidi Hartman and Jason Mogus) is here in Copenhagen to attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors but has been very supportive of the Vancouver crew at the Fresh Air Center. It’s nice to know that our mayor supports climate action and change!

Vancouver in Copenhagen cop15

Many celebrities and public figures are very prolific in their support of climate justice and have come to Copenhagen to support the negotiations. I had a chance to meet Daryl Hannah while she was at COP15 and I was lucky enough to get a photo! Darryl has a biodiesel El Camino and is well-known climate justice activist.

The COP15 conference will be over soon and hopefully will result in a global deal that is fair, amitious and binding. The world is waiting.

Kris Krüg at COP15

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