Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day (No Matter Who You’re With)

Whether you're in the mood for romance or would rather lament over lost love, there's a movie for you on Valentine's Day

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Whether you’re in love, hanging with your BFF, or would rather forget what day it is, there’s a movie for you this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of holiday. If you’re in love, it’s all kisses and chocolate.

But if you’re single, it’s the perfect storm for bitterness and resentment; the saccharine sweetness of red roses, public displays of affection, and melodramatic grand gestures are enough to drive even the most secure individual into a contempt-filled rage.

But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that a good movie can be a great way to end the day – no matter who you’re watching it with.

Regardless of your feelings about the day itself, there’s a movie for you on February 14th.

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Valentine’s Day Movies if You’re with a Special Someone

Before Sunrise: Three words – young Ethan Hawke.

Love Actually: Could we really have a list of romantic movies without Hugh Grant and Colin Firth? Methinks not. You get two for one here, plus a scene-stealing performance by Billy Nighy as a washed up rocker. Also, everything seems a bit more romantic when British accents are involved.

The Notebook / A Walk to Remember / Dear John / The Vow: These Nicholas Sparks’ movies are all essentially the same to me, give or take a Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum. But that doesn’t matter, they’ll all make you cry and feel lovey dovey afterward. If you have to choose one, go Notebook. I love me some Gosling-McAdams.

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Valentine’s Day Movies if You’re with Haters

A Midnight in Paris: A whimsical movie that reminds you that what you think you want isn’t always necessarily true. Bonus points if you’re a literary buff with a penchant for time travel. Tons of you out there, I know.

500 Days of Summer: Did you get dumped a the day before V-Day? (WHO DOES THAT!?) Then this is the movie for you.

Fatal Attraction: In case you needed a reminder that relationships aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, and that sometimes, a seemingly awesome person is in fact just a rabbit killer.

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Valentine’s Day if You’re with Your Kids

Wall-E: The greatest robot love story since R2D2 and C-3PO.

Beauty and the Beast: Come for the love story. Stay for Gaston, Cogsworth and Lumiere.

The Princess Bride: Leave this classic off the list? Inconceivable! It’s a swashbuckling tale of revenge, love, and danger. I’m not sure who will love it more, you or the kids.

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Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch if You’re with Friends

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: If you can find love at the top of Mount Doom, you can find it anywhere. Possibly the greatest “bromance” story ever told.

Bridesmaids: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never think of bridesmaid dress shopping the same way again. Sure there’s romance, but the focus is on the strong bonds of friendship.

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: If you can wrap your head around the fact that four girls all share one pair of jeans that fits each one of them perfectly, this is a great story about how friends are the ones who get you through the hard times.

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Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch if You’re with Angst-filled Teens

Can’t Hardly Wait: “I can’t feel my legs . . . I HAVE NO LEGS!

10 Things I Hate About You: You should watch this if: you love young Joseph Gordon Levitt / Heath Ledger; you want to wear a two-piece dress to prom; you love over-the-top dialogue like, “What I hate the most is that I don’t hate you at all!”

Say Anything: For anyone who’s ever made a mixtape for someone in hopes of winning his/her affection, this one’s for you.

Valentine’s Day Movies for Everyone