The Original ’21 Jump Street’ on DVD

Looking for the original '21 Jump Street' series on DVD? Rick's got the answer


21 Jump Street

Luckily, ’21 Jump Street’ is easy to find if you know where to look

Where can I find the original ’21 Jump Street’ on DVD?

I see that there is a movie version of “21 Jump Street coming out starring Jonah Hill.  Is the original series with Johnny Depp available on DVD?  – P. K., via e-mail

21 Jump Street, aired on the Fox Network from 1987 to 1991 and was, for its day, a significant series because it helped Fox develop a strong following among younger viewers. 

The premise was simple – young police officers, with a look that could make them pass for high school students, went undercover in the schools and ferreted out everything from drug rings to prostitution enterprises.  Depp, who was 24-years-old when he started on Jump Street, was accompanied by Peter Deluise, Holly Robinson (now Holly Robinson Peete) and Dustin Ngyuen. 

Deluise (son of the late Dom Deluise), who played officer Penhall, has done little television or movie work since the series ended. Dustin Nguyen, who played Officer Harry Truman Ioto has continued to work, having appeared on such series as JAG and The Unit.  Robinson Peete has also been relatively busy, but none of the cast can match the star power of Officer Tom Hanson, aka Johnny Depp. 

All five seasons of “Jump Street” are available on DVD and can be ordered through major retailers, or you can buy online at Oh … watch for Johnny Depp’s cameo as Officer Hanson in the new “Jump Street” movie.