Three Flames Fans Discuss the NHL Off-season

They might be Flames fans, but these three hockey buffs are the first bright spot in a NHL-lockout season

The Three Flames Fans: Jared Keeso, Brenna O’Brien and Nathan Dales

For fans dismayed by the NHL lockout, this funny video made by hockey fans should ease the pain

There may not be any NHL activity in the foreseeable future, but a video currently making the rounds will certainly keep the players in mind.

Created by and starring actor Jared Keeso, Three Flames Fans is a brilliant play on the names of hockey greats past and present that has been racking up YouTube views over the past few weeks.

“The idea came from a text message game that Nathan Dales (the other male fan in the video) and I would play last season whenever the Flames were entertaining another team at home,” explains Keeso.

“Let’s say the Flames were playing the San Jose Sharks . . . we would creatively use the last names of every player on the Sharks roster to have a humorous conversation about how bad the Flames were going to beat them. We talked about putting our conversations into a screenplay for a YouTube sketch by the end of summer and we did exactly that. Brenna O’Brien (a wonderful actor, fellow Flames fan and mega-babe) was the instant choice to round off the cast. We added director Theo Kim and were in business.”

Keeso – best known for his portrayal of Don Cherry in the award-winning CBC biopic, Keep Your Head up Kid, admits the process was fairly quick.

“We were in and out of the entire production, writing process included, in three weeks,” he tells me.

“I had a number of different options for each name. The difficult part wasn’t coming up with them, but choosing which option I wanted to. When I sat down to write the first draft, I definitely had the option to make this thing dirtier than my bathroom before I met my girlfriend. But the end goal was achieving somewhat “viral status” on YouTube, so I chose to keep it PG-13 to make it more acceptable for parents and accessible to kids.”

Keeso tells me reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and not just among fans.

“We received kudos from Mike Cammalleri and Chris Butler from the current roster, as well as past Flames players like Theo Fleury and Andre Roy.
I also have it from good sources that Flames president Ken King was sent the video personally from Dragon’s Den alum Brett Wilson and enjoyed it very much.”

Keeso says the wheels are in motion for a series of videos from Three Flames Fans and they plan to up the ante with celebrity guest cameos. It’s unfortunate that the next installment will more than likely be titled Three Flames Fans: On the Lockout.