What to Watch: Thurs, December 6

Tonight, the special episode of The Nature of Things, Lights Out!, looks at how artificial light is damaging us in ways we never would have imagined

The Nature of Things
8 p.m., CBC
For centuries, we followed the sun as our cue for when to get up and when to call it a night. But since the invention of the electric light over a hundred years ago, that has been slowly changing until now, where, thanks to TV screens, computers and other devices, we have light 24/7. This special, Lights Out!, looks at how artificial light is damaging us in ways we never would have imagined and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special
6 p.m., YTV
Po (voiced by Jack Black) has a real crisis after he is ordered to host a formal winter feast at the Jade Palace on the same night that his family wants to celebrate at home. Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman also reprise their characters from the 2008 film.

Beauty and the Beast
6 p.m., Showcase; 9 p.m., The CW & Showcase
To prove that Cat isn’t the cause of his blackouts, Vincent lets JT experiment on him, triggering flashbacks to his time as a soldier in Afghanistan when he was injected with a substance designed to turn him into a super soldier.

Road to Avonlea Christmas
8 p.m., Joytv
In this 1998 follow-up to the beloved long-running series set during the First World War, the King family is devastated to learn that son Felix is missing in action overseas and that Aunt Hettie’s back injury may be worse than expected.

GT Academy (Season Finale)
8:30 p.m., Spike
After several hair-raising races, the finalists discover which Gran Turismo video-game enthusiast can make it behind the wheel of a real car and go head to head for the championship.

Parks and Recreation
8:30 p.m., Citytv; 9:31 p.m., NBC
Ron and Diane (Lucy Lawless) attend a wood-working awards dinner, after one of Ron’s hand-crafted chairs is nominated, but things turn weird with the arrival of Tammy II (Megan Mullally). Meanwhile, Jerry hosts a holiday party with his wife (Christie Brinkley).

The Office
9 p.m., NBC
When the party planning committee drops the ball on the annual Christmas party, Dwight gets everyone to celebrate a traditional Schrute German Christmas. Meanwhile, Darryl worries that Jim has forgotten his promise to take him along to the new job in Philadelphia, and Pete teaches Erin about his favourite movie: Die Hard.