What to Watch: Wed, October 31

This season-in-review special looks back at the award-winning first season that saw the team navigate through the treacherous mountains of Western Canada

Highway Thru Hell: After the Crash
8 a.m., 1 p.m. & 8 p.m., Discovery
This one-hour special sees host Mark Miller sitting down with heavy rescue chief Jamie Davis and his crew for a few beers at the infamous “Barn” in Hope, B.C. They look back on a critically acclaimed first season in which they ferried viewers along the most treacherous mountain passes in Western Canada.

6 p.m. & 11 p.m., Bravo
When Daniel goes off his medication, reality begins to blur, complicating his investigation into the murder of a young conspiracy theorist.

Face Off (Season Finale)
7 p.m., Space
The third season of this special-effects makeup competition concludes with the winner — as chosen by fans — revealed.

8 p.m., CTV2 & The CW
When Oliver can’t get back on Laurel’s good side, he uses his alter ego to solicit her help in saving an innocent man accused of murder. Meanwhile, Walter asks Felicity to investigate a million-dollar withdrawal made in secret by Moira.

Titanic: Blood and Steel
9 p.m., CBC
Mark gets his job back when financier J.P. Morgan (Chris Noth) arrives to oversee development of the ship. Meanwhile, Sophia finally learns the whole truth about Mark’s past, including the baby he fathered back in Belfast.

9 p.m., CHEK & The CW
The Winchester brothers split up when Dean takes a “personal day” to help vampire pal Benny track down his maker. Meanwhile, Sam looks back on the life he had with Amelia while Dean was in Purgatory.

10 p.m., ABC; 10:07 p.m. CTV2
Rayna and Teddy’s relationship is tested when Rayna performs with Deacon at Teddy’s campaign fundraiser and a woman from Teddy’s past shows up to reveal a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Juliette tries to burnish her image with an appearance on Good Morning America.

Chicago Fire
10 p.m., Global & NBC
Chief Boden is accused of leaving a homeless man to die in a warehouse fire after ordering his men to evacuate the scene, creating negative press and bad feeling within the department. Meanwhile, Lt. Severide helps an elderly woman facing some neighbourhood problems.