How BC’s Celebrity Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day

Jetting across the pond, boating and lunching at exclusive clubs? Sure, it's on the agenda. But ultimately, it all comes down to one thing for celebrity moms on Mother's Day

BC’s glitterati might jet away for their special brunches, but when it comes to Mother’s Day, these moms essentially want the same thing as the rest of us. Here’s how they’ll be spending their day

Mary Zilba, Real Housewives of Vancouver

The soft-spoken RHOV star is unsure how she’ll spend Mother’s Day, but she’s certain about one thing: “No matter what I have done or will ever do in my life, nothing will ever mean as much to me as being a mother. My boys are a special gift from God and my greatest joy. I love being a mom!”

Tamara Taggart, CTV news anchor

“I’m really looking forward to spending the day with my husband Dave and our kids, Beckett, Zoë and Poppy. Hopefully the sun will be shining and we can get outside for a long walk or play in the backyard and maybe do a little work in the garden. My mother-in-law will be out of town but my mom will be coming over for dinner. We are so rushed during the week, Sundays are a great time for us to all reconnect and enjoy each other. I don’t need anything special on Mother’s Day, maybe a homemade card and definitely a lot of hugs and kisses from my three babes.”

Bal Arneson, Food Network Canada’s Spice Goddess

“My nine-year-old son Aaron said to me, ‘Mom, I am broke and I need your Visa. I need to buy us a ticket to go to Hawaii because that is your Mother’s Day present,” said the Spice Goddess show host. “One thing led to another, and I am off to the Hawaii Fairmont with my 19-year-old daughter Anoop and my son. I am so blessed to have two amazing kids.”

Jody Claman, Real Housewives of Vancouver

“This Mother’s Day I will be in London [England] with my family having tea at the Lanesborough Hotel. We will be shopping on Sloane Street, Laduree, Butler & Wilson, walking in Hyde Park, laughing and loving my special blended family! My life is a gift!”

Lynn Colliar, Global BC news anchor

“I can’t believe this is already my second Mother’s Day! I will spend the day with Teagan and [husband] Glenn celebrating our family, being grateful for what we have. Teagan is truly a gift every day, not just on Mother’s Day. We will also share some of the day with my mum — she loves being a grandma!”

Gloria Latham, founder of Vancouver’s Semperviva Yoga

“I’ll be having some ‘FFT,'” says the ultra-toned mother of two, known as one of Canada’s most kick-butt kundalini instructors. “I’ve coined the term ‘Forced Family Time’ to remind us to stop everything and spend time together. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. Celebrations such as Mother’s Day are a great excuse to stop everything and spend time together.”

Annabel Hawksworth, owner of Hawksworth Communications

“Hopefully I’ll get to sleep in,” says the British-born PR maven, wife of celebrity chef David Hawksworth. “I have no idea what we’ll be doing yet — maybe Mother’s Day brunch at Hawksworth Restaurant with David’s mum. My mum is in UK so I don’t get to see her on Mother’s Day but I always send her flowers regardless.”

Credit: Don MacGregor, MacGregor Studios

Robin Reichman, Real Housewives of Vancouver

“We are planning a day at The Arbutus Club,” says the Texas-born reality star of the private Shaughnessy club where membership dues run a cool $50K. Afterward, she and her horse-loving clan will be “riding ponies, rain or shine.”

Nira Arora, on-air host, The Beat 94.5

“We’re just hanging out and chilling this year, since I’m eight months pregnant! Garry, my husband, and Shae, my two-year-old, will probably take me out for lunch (somewhere kid friendly) and then we’ll take our English bulldog BosKo to the dog park!”

Ronnie Negus, Real Housewives of Vancouver

“We plan on spending the day with our daughters and my mother boating, followed by dinner on Bowen Island. Even though we won’t be with our sons this year — our eldest son Jhordan lives in London, England, and our son Houston is there auditioning for film schools — because we are such a close family we will be connected by heart and spirit, no matter how far away we are from one another.”

Jacqui MacNeill, owner of Escents Aromatherapy

The founder of Escents Aromatherapy starts Mother’s Day on a sweet note — with breakfast in bed served by her husband John and three sons. “Then I’ll come downstairs to flowers in the kitchen where John always puts up a huge poster of my smiling face. Every year, same poster. I love it…and hate it. Then we’ll go out for a hike or a bike ride, after which I’ll get a little ‘me’ time, either a massage or a run by myself.”