Get out of your car for the Crazy Sustainable Commute

Friday morning, commute by canoe, pogo stick, unicycle or zipline—just don't take your car.

Credit: Flickr / Sutibu

Friday morning, commute by unicycle, canoe, pogo stick or zipline—just don’t take your car.

This Friday, August 27, commute by canoe, pogo stick, unicycle or zipline—and leave the car at home

On your way to work this Friday morning, you may wonder if you’re dreaming: Did someone just pass me on a pogo stick? Is that guy … canoeing down the street?!


Actually, it’s not you, nor your lack of coffee. It’s the annual Crazy Sustainable Commute!


This day of craziness is meant to put a smile on our faces and an idea in our heads about sustainable transportation. We as commuters can and should be creative in finding new ways to reduce fuel consumption, air pollution and urban congestion. Because what’s crazier than stilt-walking to work? Sitting in a nine-day-long traffic jam.


So dust off those stilts, unicycles or what-have-you and join in the fun! Even the Skytrain counts. Whatever you do, just don’t drive.



Crazy Sustainable Commute

Friday, August 27, 2010

Meet in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 5 p.m. to join with the critical mass bike ride.

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