The Dog Days of Bummer Summer in Vancouver

A late summer surge inspires a trip around the city.

If you blink, you might miss it. If you’re stuck in an office, you should rightfully be climbing the walls. With the sun finally making an appearance, it’s time to get the most out of this Vancouver summer


As sultry hot days build around the end of August, I find myself reaching for every last ray of sunshine before the Pineapple Express rolls in. Although summer in Vancouver usually is slow to start, this year has been particularly cool, dreary and disappointing—dubbed ‘Bummer Summer’ by many.


Now that the sun is here, the imperative is to do as many ‘summery’ things as possible while warm weather is in effect around the city. Last week I was compelled to grab my camera, jump on my bicycle and capture Vancouverites getting their ‘summer’ on with water parks, beach towels, ice cream, skim boards, bikes and open-water swimming.


Special thanks to collaborators Brad Klees of the band JennySpencer Kathrens and Justin Parsons of Inner City Elegance for a compelling sound track that captures the energy of a bustling, urban oasis.