The VanDolls’ Paint and Pasties: An Evening of Art and Burlesque

Vancouver burlesque troupe The VanDolls pay homage to the likes of da Vinci and Jackson Pollock with their provocative new stage show

Burlesque troupe The VanDolls put their own spin on classic paintings like the Mona Lisa

Burlesque troupe The VanDolls gives new meaning to body art

Have you been searching for a way to combine your passions for timeless works of art and risqué variety shows? Of course you haven’t; that’s crazy.

But aren’t you super curious now that you know it’s actually a thing? One that’s happening right here in Vancouver, no less. 

The VanDolls’ Take on Classic Art

Burlesque performance troupe The VanDolls are gearing up for their latest edgy exhibition, titled Paint and Pasties, on Saturday, November 24, at The Royal Canadian Legion on Commercial Drive.

The coy smile of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the dripping clocks of Salvador Dali, the rabble-rousing street stencils of Banksy: all these and more are fair game for bawdy, titillating reinterpretation.

Also on the docket: 19th-Century style vivant tableauxs, showcases from other local artists, raffle prizes and reasonably priced libations. 

Tickets are $15 at Club Zone. And if you want to dole out an extra $10, the Dolls will set you up with the canvas, brush and paints required to craft an irreverent, unconventional masterpiece of your very own.

Formed in November, 2010, The VanDolls are comprised of nine avant garde young women stage-named Malvina MasVino, Scarlet Delirium, Bunny Meugens, Rufflesilkskin, Sweet Sashay, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Sherry Hymen, What’s Her Name and Velvet Vondoff.

Before Paint & Pasties, they made a name for themselves with a similar show expressing their singular funny-sexy take on classic video games like Metroid, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.