10 Foodie TikTokers You Need to Follow

From the best food hacks to local dining content, here's who you should be following on the popular Gen-Z app

From the best food hacks to local dining content, here’s who you should be following on the popular Gen-Z app

Hey, you guys (that’s the mandatory opener for every darn TikToker, by the way) I got dangerously obsessed with watching TikTok in the first year of the pandemic, falling down rabbit holes of queer comedy, crafting, homesteading andof courseendless culinary content. After losing hours (umm, probably days) watching creators across the world dance, cook, eat, drink, sing and slap beef (nope, not a euphemismwhat the hell, MeatTok?!) I’d like to introduce you to some my favourite TikTokers who have the best cocktail tips, cookery hacks, crazy food mash-ups and Vancouver dining content.

1. Kaitlyn Stewart

@likeablecocktails Reply to @kwhtoks You put orange juice in your mai tai? straight to jail. Pineapple? Jail. @likeablecocktails #maitai #orgeat #tradervic ♬ I Like It – Cardi B & Bad Bunny & J Balvin

One of my favourite bartenders in the city (and, let’s not forget, winner of World Class Best Bartender in the World in 2017), Kaitlyn Stewart offers up easy-to-follow cocktail tips designed to help you up your at-home cocktail game. Funny, helpful and charming as hell. Damn, I miss her behind the bar!

2. Your Girl Soph’

@sopheats Free secret menu item!! ? #keg#thekeg#thekegsteakhouse#vancouver#vancouverfood#vancouvertiktok#lobstersummer#summervibes#free ♬ Left and Right (Feat. Jung Kook of BTS) – Charlie Puth & Jung Kook & BTS

Your Girl Soph’ is on a mission to TikTok her way through as much deliciousness in Vancouver as possible, and I love her enthusiasm! From Costco finds (a really popular sub-category with Van food TikTokers) to secret menu items and new openings, Soph is on the case.

3. Max the Meat Guy

@maxthemeatguy The Steak Accordion made with New Zealand grass-fed beef #nystrip #steak #beefandlambnz #tastepurenature ♬ Western music, trap soul, R&B beat ♫(866926) – Daisuke”D.I”Imai

The original steak slapper himself, Max the Meat Guy makes beautiful, professional videos designed to make meat-lovers drool. I loved his ‘car cooking’ segments (subbing in hand made Wagyu patties cooked up in a McDonald’s car park on a Big Mac was pretty fun) but his innovative wood fire cooked #MeatTok content is truly delicious.

4. Emma Choo

@vancouverfoodie the one I’ve kept under the radar for years ? #vietfood #vancouver #gatekeeping #lol #lobster #pho #seafood ♬ original sound – Emma Choo

From chomping down on a chirashi don bowl during a five-hour hair appointment, to enthusiastic Costco trips and some solid Vancouver food tips, I kinda love Emma Choo’s light-hearted takes.

5. Tiffy Cooks

@tiffycooks That CRUNCH!! Super crispy garlic chicken AND it’s gluten free! #garlic #friedchicken #crispy ♬ original sound – TIFFY COOKS ?

Look. At. THAT! God, I adore Tiffy, and I’m not alone as she has more than a million followers for her easy-to-understand, super short cooking videos. Everything I’ve made with her has turned out perfectly. (This crispy garlic fried chicken is the bomb!)

6. It’s Josh Eats

@itsjosheats TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME #gay #vancouver #sports #baseball #fyp ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

Cheery food gay Josh won my heart with his hilarious ‘big wiener’ baseball TikTok, but I dig that he’s not afraid to hit up the most basic spots and enthuse about ‘em too: White Spot, Burger King, Swiss Chalet… Josh is eating at them all and letting you know what’s up.

7. Laura Ullock

@laura.ullock ?? Vancouver’s first mobile bar & cafe #foodtruck #apertif #italian #vancouverbc #foodies #summerfood #charcuterie ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

Of course, there’s Costco content (am I the only person in Canada not to be excited about Costco?) but Laura also brings the goods when it comes to treats, tips and top eats and drinks around Vancouver.

8. Foodie Rachel

@foodierrachel No bc everything else in van closes so early ? #vancouverbc #vancouverfood #vancouverlife #vancouverfoodie #fypシ゚viral ♬ POP! – NAYEON

If you’re looking for Metro Vancouver food content with a focus on pan-Asian eats, you found it with Foodie Rachel, a newcomer to the TikTok scene creating tasty content.

9. Chef Club

@chefclub Steak palmier et mer de frites ! Toute la mediterranée dans une recette 🙂 #food#fyp#foryou #pourtoi ♬ sonido original – Chefclub

It’s in French. It’s completely insane. And the food combinations very often make me think that it’s wholly created by munchies-crazed chefs with access to only cheese, ham, potatoes, eggs, chocolate and weird little sticks to jam them all together. Enjoy binge watching this. I know I do.

10. Kevin Liu

@kevinliuu Step sister applications are now open on IG: Kevin1iu #vlog #vancouver #fyp #dayinmylife ♬ original sound – Kevin Liu

“Hello virgins.” So about 80 percent of kevinliuu’s TikToks are dodgy, but sift through to find gems like his exploration of ‘white people food’ at Granville Island.