Gourmet Kitchen Tools

Looking for some ideas that upgrade your culinary gadgets and tools you use at home, that just sing spring? Read on to know more about exceptional kitchen items that will inspire you to create at home. See? You’re a chef, a bartender, and an entertaining wizard just waiting for a nudge to unleash your talents.



Unmediocre Kitchen Store in Port Moody’s Newport Village is like a colourful candy store for the home cook, chock a block full of fabulous kitchen gadgets. My motto every morning is “but first – coffee” and I love the classic Chemex pour-over coffee maker for its timeless shape and style. This is the same brand we see on Mary Tyler Moore re-runs in her sunken living room and kitchen counter, and it looks as chic now as it was back when it was considered modern. Invented in 1941, the classic Chemex was created by an eccentric chemist, made simply from one piece of borosilicate glass, a wooden collar and rawhide tie. There is a reason why this illustration of both form and function is in museums like the MOMA in New York City.



President’s Choice Ultimate Non-Stick Carbon Steel Bacon Crisper takes the mess and multiple batch making out of frying an entire package of bacon. The pan holds 16 strips that you lay on the wavy mash insert on top of the pan that catches drips, and pop in the oven. The insert keeps the bacon raised so it crisps up while heat circulates over it, plus no splatters on your stovetop to make brunch a bummer. At Real Canadian Superstore locations and online.


Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Citrus Press works for both lemons and limes with its two sizes, and I am convinced this is the only juice press you will ever need to own. You slice the citrus in half then squeeze the handles to release the juice. More juice than you thought you could get out of that little piece of fruit, believe me. The pulp, seeds and rind can get tossed into your compost, leaving behind juice for any cooking recipe, or the freshest lime Margaritas and so much more. 


Home Hardware Osoyoos

Starfrit 5 Blade Mandoline available at Home Hardware Osoyoos (the ultimate poster child for cool hardware stores) is a game changer in your kitchen. Slice, crinkle cut (hello crispy fries), julienne, grate or shred safely and quickly so you can leave your chef’s knife in the block for the time being. The five blades are easy exchanged for when you need to mix it up, and pop nicely inside the mandoline for uncluttered storage. Non-slip? Yes please. And the pop of stem green is springtime cheerful too.



President’s Choice Honeycomb Clad 12-inch Skillet at Real Canadian Superstore has a hybrid surface of both stainless steel and non-stick, so you can actually use those metal utensils you own for searing, frying, or sautéing, unlike Teflon or non-stick surfaces where plastic utensils are your only option to avoid scratching. An aluminum core promises even heating too.



KitchenAid Stand Mixer in 2024 Colour of the Year, Blue Salt. The pearl finish of this soft periwinkle blue shade changes throughout the day with daylight or what lighting you have on in the house. The results are nothing short of dreamy, beautifully calming, and inspired by how just a pinch of salt can deepen flavours to anything you create in the kitchen. The ultimate stand mixer, this is something you leave on the counter for all to admire. Knead your sourdough like a master with the bread hook, and whip cream or meringue into frothy heights you never knew you could achieve. This is an online exclusive which makes it extra covetable.