Hate the idea of painting your home? Give 1-800-WOW-1DAY a call

Redesigning your home can be expensive and difficult. Here are four ways you can save money (and your sanity)

Recycle: Have a half-empty can of leftover paint collecting dust in your closet? Not sure how to dispose of it? Rona has a new paint recovery program that lets B.C. consumers dispose of paint in an eco way. Just bring your old paint – any brand from any store – to your local Rona. A longtime advocate of paint recovery, Rona has already saved 15 million kilograms of leftover paint and cans from landfills. Here’s to increasing that number even more.

Bargain hunt: Some of the best deals come from discontinued or end-of-line products, and Blanco Canada is making it easier for you to find them. The sink-and-faucet company used to hold a warehouse sale in Toronto to unload these products, but now the rest of Canada is in on the deal through a new online store. You might even score one of Blanco’s bestselling natural granite sinks – for a song.

Outsource: We’ve all heard of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Now the gurus behind that $100-million B.C. brand (with franchises all over the world) have come up another sure-to-catch-on concept: 1-800-WOW-1DAY! But instead of hauling your junk, they’re painting your walls. A team of uniformed pros will paint your space in one day, guaranteed. That’s some good coverage. 1-888-WOW-1DAY.

DIY: It’s even easier to channel your inner DIY diva. has added a tools and building supplies store to its massive online network. That means everything from power tools to paint brushes is available via a click. It’s Canada’s newest one-stop-shop for some 60,000 home-improvement products.

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