5 Clever and Stylish Ways to Declutter

There’s nothing like a fresh declutter to brighten up a space. Looking to give your home a reset this spring?

We spoke to interior designer Andrea Ewanchyna of Andreajae Studio to get the scoop on how to declutter in style.

Tailor Storage to Suit Your Lifestyle

Decluttering can sometimes feel overwhelming, no matter the size of your space. To help streamline the process long term, start by thinking about your lifestyle and what exactly needs storing. After that, it’s all about making simple yet clever fixes.

For example, a common ask from clients, particularly families with children and pets or those who work from home, is where to store important daily items like large printers or sports gear.

“Bins or baskets are another easy way to declutter stylishly,” says Ewanchyna, “Instead of looking at a jumble of items on an open shelf or stuffed in a cupboard, put them in a chic basket instead.”

If you like to hang laundry to dry but don’t have space for a drying rack, opt for a rack that you can fold or mount under your laundry room cabinets and pull out when needed.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make a more permanent fix, consider something like a tech drawer in your kitchen.

“Tech drawers actually contain a charging portal inside where you can store electronic devices and charge them at the same time!” Especially useful for hybrid or work-from-home routines.


Rotate Items Seasonally

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“Not everything you own has to be on display or fully accessible all year round,” says Ewanchyna, “Pick and choose what you use most for the season.”

She recommends storing your off-season gear in a clear box for next season; Place it high in a closet where it is tucked away yet still easily available for seamless switches.


Get Creative With Closet and Cupboard Space

Janis Nicolay

Another great way to declutter is to maximize your closet or cupboard space. No matter the room, it once again helps to know exactly what items need storing.

“Installing shelving above or below where coats hang maximizes the space behind closed doors,” says Ewanchyna, “You can even install purpose-built shoe compartments into front hall closets to hold not only shoes but packages, dog leashes, and more.”

Additionally, closet organizers go a long way!

“Think about leveraging closet storage both vertically and horizontally. IKEA offers plenty of great metal shelving and closet organizers, particularly for right behind the door if space allows.”


Opt for Open-Display Shelving

Photos, left to right: 360 Home Tours, Barbara Tili

Decluttering well doesn’t have to mean hiding everything away. Open display shelves are having a moment right now, says Ewanchyna.

Instead of closed-door cabinetry in your kitchen or living room, add a feature shelf to display art, accessories, and even your daily essentials like spices and jars. This lets you keep your shelves tidy and your key items close at hand, with a personal, design-forward touch.


Think Multi-Purpose

Photos from left to right: 360 Home Tours, Barbara Tili + Janis Nicolay

Jon McMorran

To prevent an area from feeling too crowded, maximize its space by giving it multiple uses.

“For this kitchen and living area, we built a bookshelf that paired visually with the kitchen stool area to maximize storage. It could be used as a bookshelf with storage below, or as an overflow space for kitchen items.”

Similarly, adding pull-up seating to a kitchen countertop is a great way to utilize that space if you don’t require a full kitchen table for your lifestyle.

In the bedroom, don’t forget to take advantage of the space under your bed to store extra linens and pillows, either with custom built-in drawers or containers.