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3 Summer Camp Must-haves

These three things will come in handy, ensuring your child has an amazing summer camp experience

These three things will come in handy, ensuring your child has an amazing summer camp experience

Sunscreen. A water bottle. Extra socks. Comfortable shoes. Swimming gear. These are just some of the usual items that come to mind when thinking about what your child needs before heading to camp this summer. These three items can’t be found on any packing list, but will go a long way to making your child’s summer camp experience extra special.

1. An adventurous spirit

Whether it’s testing archery skills, navigating a low and high ropes courses or going for a kayaking adventure, there is no shortage of opportunities for participants eager to expand horizons and step out of their comfort zone at camp. Even if an activity is a bit more challenging or completely new, if your child keeps an open mind and brings an adventurous spirit, by the end of their camp experience they will have developed a wealth of valuable skills and gained wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Willingness to meet new people

There’s no better place than camp to not only strengthen old friendships, but create new ones too. With lots of opportunity each day to interact with other kids and participate in activities that relate to their interests, it’s easy to see why kids leave their camp experience having formed new bonds. Make sure you remind your child to take time on day one to say “hello” to their fellow campers and get to know them.

3. Love for the outdoors

Regardless of the camp you choose for your child this summer, chances are they will be participating in activities that take place outside. Whether hiking, kayaking, heading outside to play sports and games or working on their balance and cardio while paddle boarding, don’t forget to remind your child to pack a love for the outdoors. They’ll be so glad they did.

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