Infant massage relaxes baby naturally

Infant massage improves health and nurtures the bond between you.

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Infant massage is an easy way to relax baby while improving health and nurturing the bond between you

Lately I have been giving my son massages after his bath. He absolutely loves it.

Massage is a nice way to get him ready for bed, and it is said to help babies sleep better, too. It also stimulates brain development and sensory awareness.

Instead of following a prescribed approach, I use my instincts to guide me through the infant massage. I use a light pressure and let the baby tell me what he likes with his body language.

Infant massage support

If you aren’t comfortable trying infant massage alone, there are classes and support available. 

Check these websites for group and personal classes and information:

Using organic olive oil, which is a great moisturizer for baby’s sensitive skin, I start with his belly, gently rubbing in a circular motion and massaging his digestive organs. The massage can help relieve discomfort from constipation, gas and colic.

I then move to his legs. I think this is his favourite. I massage his thighs and calves and then his feet and he points his little toes as I run my hands down his legs. This massage helps normalize his muscle tone and improve his blood circulation. I do the same for his arms and hands. I then lay him on his side to do his back.

Whenever I give him his massage, Rhame goes into a kind of trance, gazing up at me with a little smile on his face; he really starts to relax. I really feel that we are connecting and bonding in a loving and nurturing way.

It also gives me some time to look over his body for any little injuries that I may not have noticed and make sure he is in good shape.

It has become a special quiet time for us and I am happy that I can help him feel good and relaxed.

Check out this quick video showing how easy infant massage is to administer and how calm it makes baby (by Jake Krohn via Flickr):


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