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Meet the Team at Grace Fertility Centre

Grace Fertility is a human-scale partner in helping Vancouver couples conceive.

Dr. Anthony Cheung

Dr. Anthony Cheung, founder and medical director of Grace Fertility Centre, provides leadership and perspective. 

Dr. Bronwyn Williams and Dr. Cheung

Dr. Bronwyn Williams and Dr. Cheung review a patient file. Collaboration and one-on-one communication with each patient is key at Grace Fertility Centre.

Nurse Wenling Shan

Grace Fertility Centre meets the needs of BC’s multicultural population. For example, nurse Wenling Shan supports many Mandarin speaking patients as they go through treatment at Grace Fertility Centre. 

Dr. Bronwyn Williams and Cara Scherle

At Grace Fertility Centre team work and coordination is spearheaded by Dr. Bronwyn Williams and coordinated by Cara Scherle. 

Dr. Ana-Marija Stefanovska

Senior embryologist at Grace Fertility Centre, Dr. Ana-Marija Stefanovska, has more than 10 years experience in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field.

Behind Grace Fertility’s state-of-the-art fertility technology is an experienced team of dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians, counsellors and support staff.