Project Wishflag: Kid-friendly community art

Kids make wishflags to celebrate the richness of Vancouver communities.

Credit: Matthew Simpson & Amanda Wood

Kids make wishflags to celebrate the richness of Vancouver communities

Wishflags are one part DIY, one part kid-friendly fun, and one part community building. Based on Tibetan prayer flags, wishflags have been used in all kinds of community building experiences, including the Obama presidential campaign. The idea is that by expressing our wishes and hopes in a creative and public form, they will be sent out into the world and hopefully come true.

In Vancouver, Natasha Wheatley, the coordinator of the project has teamed up with Future Craft Collective and 4 Cats Art Studios to provide a tutorial for you at home and workshops around the city.

At each workshop Project Wishflag provides fabric and paints for everyone to express their wishes for our city. All across Vancouver, families have been making wishflags to celebrate the diversity, inspiration and thoughtfulness that make up our communities.


Wishflags on display at Sunset Community Centre

Saturday, February 20, 2010, come see the hanging of the flags that have been made so far and take a few minutes to make one yourself. The wishflags will remain at Sunset Community Centre for the remainder of the Olympics and then they will travel around the city throughout 2010.


Amanda Wood makes handmade goods for the family home under the name Owl+Pussycat. As a mom of two active boys who is passionate about bringing DIY into the hands of children, she is always on the lookout for thrifty craft ideas to keep them busy. Learn more about Owl+Pussycat at her blog, Etsy shop and on Flickr.