Rainproofing Your kids’ Halloween Costumes

Make sure your little princess or zombie stays dry and warm this Halloween.

Credit: cproppe

Don’t let a little rain ruin trick-or-treating: waterproof your child’s Halloween costume


Chances are Halloween in Vancouver means trick-or-treating in the rain. Nothing is sadder than a soggy zombie or drenched princess—unless it’s a bag of sopping wet chocolate—but here are five easy steps you can take to keep your trick-or-treaters dry:

  1. Plan a rainproof costume: encourage your kids to go as fishermen, sailors, gnomes or a superhero with a cape. This way the costume itself protects them from the elements. Or make the costume from water resistant fabrics like fleece or nylon.
  2. Add an umbrella: choose a bubble shaped one with a hook so your kids can hang their candy bag from the handle (and the bubble shape keeps them from poking each other’s eyes out). Or keep the whole trick-or-treating party dry with an oversized golf umbrella.
  3. Think rainproof accessories: a mask can help keep the rain off the face while goggles and glasses are also good options to keep eyes dry. Hats, rubber boots, capes and gloves can be added to a lot of costumes and will help keep the little ones dry.
  4. Add layers for warmth: even if the top layer of the costume gets soggy, waterproof layers underneath can keep kids from getting chilled. Sports stores sell waterproof ski gear that can be easily worn underneath costumes and used again after Halloween.
  5. Warm hands and feet equal happy kids: unless the costume requires a specific shoe, rain boots or waterproof shoes will keep feet happy. If your kids insist on a certain shoe, get them to wear plastic bags over their feet. Add a pair of waterproof gloves and you’re good for the evening.

Keep in mind that with heavy rain it’s harder than ever to see trick-or-treaters, so choose brightly coloured costumes and light up your group with extra flashlights.