Totally Cool (Eco-educational) Stuff for Your Kids

Teach your kids that Earth Day is a all-year event with these activities and books.

Credit: WoodleyWo

With these activities and books, Earth Day can last the entire year round


My daughter Maia is home schooled and we do projects based on what inspires her. So this project was inspired by last month’s Earth Day 2011. I wasn’t sure what sorts of resources I might find—and wanted to stay away from doom and gloom and focus on a more hopeful message.


So with that in mind I went looking around the web for fun stuff. You don’t need to be a home schooling family to make good use of these though—they are perfect for a rainy afternoon or a lazy weekend morning.

I hope you and your kids will find them as useful as we did. Enjoy!


Environmental Activities


Want great craft ideas or fun online games with an eco focus? Look no further than this page at


For the little ones check out DLTK’s Eco Activities. They’ve got everything from song sheets, to printable colouring pages, to simple crafts.


Looking for a few science activities with a green theme? Look no further than this page on Planetpals. I found it super helpful when it came to explaining the Japanese Tsunami and other natural events.


Looking to have a movie night? Check out this list of cool sounding movies. We’ve seen a few of them and will be hunting down some of the others.


The Garbage Monster

The Garbage Monster is a great way to introduce children to recycling.


Heading to the library? Look for these environmentally themed books

Celebrating Earth Day (Circle the Year With Holidays), written by Janet McDonnell and illustrated by Diana Magnuson.

Clifford’s Spring Clean-Up, written by Norman Bridwell.

Earth Day, written by Linda Lowery and illustrated by Mary Bergherr.

Earth Day, written by Willma W. Gore.

Every Day Is Earth Day: A Craft Book (Holiday Crafts for Kids), written by Kathy Ross and illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm.

For the Love of Our Earth, written by P.K. Hallinan.

Grover’s 10 Terrific Ways to Help our Wonderful World, written by Anna Ross and illustrated by Tom Leigh.

Fun Earth Day Books for Kids – 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, by Earth Works Group.

Earth Book for Kids: Activities to Help Heal the Environment written by Linda Schwartz.

The Garbage Monster by written by Joni Sensel, illustrated by Christopher L. Bibins.


Do you have any favourite sites, books, movies etc with an eco theme? Add them to the comments section!