Where to Get Family Portraits in Vancouver

Whether you need baby pics, a full family portrait or a personal headshot, these photographers will bring out your best side

Credit: Sherri Koop

Put your family memories on film to preserve them for years to come

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this era of low-resolution digital pics, a high-quality 8×10 is worth preserving your family’s memories for decades to come

Professional photos of your kids, your family or just for you will preserve your precious memories without the risk of hard drive crashes, lost USB sticks or incompatible file formats.

For headshots, family portraits and baby pictures, these three Vancouver photographers are the talk of the town.

Family Portraits

Sherri Koop is a Vancouver-based fine art photographer who specializes in portraits. While her love for human connection fuels her desire to create timeless images, what truly sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to and love for the medium of film. She shoots the majority of her portraits using medium format film which creates images with depth and softness. Her naturally lit, close-up studio portraits have her signature uncluttered appeal.


Karolina Turek is Vancouver’s leading headshot photographer and her vivacious personality and contagious smile will bring out your best side on film. Turek’s headshots are bright and engaging, and she’s able to capture each client’s personality in every shot.

One of her career highlights was shooting Will I Am from The Black Eyed Peas.

Baby Pictures

Jillian Kirby is Vancouver’s baby photography specialist; her passion and strength become obvious when you see her newborn collection.

As a mom of two who has photographed hundreds of newborns, Kirby has a very natural, organic style and her portfolio is full of soft, soothing photos of babies up to a year old.

She takes every effort to ensure that your little one is comfortable and content, and her sessions have been described as “relaxing”. Her soothing aura works amazingly with babies. Book her for the newborn stage and again at six months to a year – she’s the very best for your little angel!