5 Reasons to Do Yoga This Spring

Vancouver yoga instructor Christine Price Clark shares her top five reasons why you should start stretching this spring

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It helps you be at one with nature

Spring is an optimistic time of year when things are growing. Yoga can align you with the natural energy of spring, particularly in our city where we just start to get more light. When it shines on us, we respond. You can actually see it. People end up talking and everybody’s out.

Here are 5 yoga poses from Christine Price Clark to energize you this spring

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It gets you prepared for other spring and summer activities

A lot of outdoor activities, like cycling and hiking, are quite repetitive in their physical nature and tend to work only one plane of the body. Yoga can help to either strengthen where you need to strengthen or stretch where you need to stretch, complementing those other physical activities that you love so much. On a mental level, yoga can give you the focus that you need.

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It helps you get a fresh start mentally

One of the things that creates suffering is our tendency to be in the past (guilt/regret) or future (anxiety/fear). Yoga helps by getting you in the practice of being in the present, either through meditation or through the physical practice.

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It will help you feel better and stronger

Yoga helps you breathe more fully and completely. It also strengthens and stretches the body in even measure. In the end, yoga helps you do all the other things you want to do in life. I have two children and I know that my practice has helped me with even just carrying them. The practicality of yoga for me is the overall maintenance of my body to support the other areas of my life.

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Vancouver is a great place to do yoga

We have very skilled teachers here and a great diversity of offerings. I just feel like there’s something for everyone to complement and support the life they’re living.

Christine Price Clark is the program director for the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program at Vancouver School of Yoga, an online instructor for My Yoga Online and an ambassador for Tonic Lifestyle Apparel