5 Tips to Keep You Motivated to Run

Already breaking your New Year's Resolution to get fit this year? Here are five expert tips to keep you motivated to run

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These five tips will add a little bounce to your jog

How many times have you committed to a fitness program as you kick off a new year? You’re determined to work hard, get healthy and look great, only to look out the window, see rain blowing horizontally and think, “I don’t look that bad. This can wait till tomorrow.”

Somewhere along the way, due to a heavy workload, or a love of craft beer, or a new favourite TV show, we forget the goal entirely. Whether your resolution is to lose weight or to improve your fitness level this year, here are my five motivational tips to keep you moving no matter the season.

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Run with a Group or Buddy

On cold, dark days, you may not be feeling up to running alone, but joining a group or running with a buddy will help you stay motivated. It is also much safer to run with others, especially when it’s dark outside.

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Sign Up for a Marathon

Registering for an event can help keep you focussed on your goal. There are many local and international runs that you can consider. Planning a trip and turning it into a running vacation can actually be fun.

Get Inspired

Many fitness magazines provide runners with a dose of motivation, training and nutrition tips. Running movies, like Chariots of Fire, may also provide an even more dynamic level of motivation.

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Mix It Up

Cross-training can help prevent injuries and provide you with a change of pace. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are great activities to incorporate into your running program once a week.

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Treat Yourself

Make your favourite dish once a month as a reward for the sacrifices you’ve made. Even better? Treat yourself to a nice meal with your running friends to celebrate your goals as a group.


*Bonus Tip*

Blogging about your training and logging your kilometres can help you stay on track and gives you incentive to stay focused on your goal.