Local Athletes Reveal How They Keep Fit Come Fall

Don't let your energy and workout routine lag as the weather gets colder

Motivational workout tips from eight of B.C.’s top athletes

With a new season comes a fresh opportunity to change up your fitness routine. Many athletes like to mix up their workouts with both indoor and outdoor training –and the rainy season doesn’t stop them from getting outside. So if you’re feeling that urge to hibernate as temperatures drop, take inspiration from these made-in-B.C. athletes and stay fit and focused this season.

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Scott Tupper, Captain of Canada’s National Field Hockey Team

Tip: Work Out With a Friend

“Find a friend to work out with who holds you accountable. Set achievable goals and start knocking them down, continuously setting new ones. Find a good routine that you can do indoors, which keeps you mentally stimulated. Enjoy being fit and don’t let a scale or mirror dictate your attitude towards fitness.”


National field hockey player Scott Tupper loves getting outside as much as possible during the off-season, often running along the Seawall, Jericho Beach or Spanish Banks in Vancouver. When he does head indoors for his workouts, he does higher-intensity interval running, which he says gives him a bit more bang for his buck. He stays motivated by focusing on competing in next year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Bridgette Clare, Nutritionist and Fitness Coach


“Don’t make excuses. Tell yourself you’re worth it (you are), and put the time and effort in. Stay consistent with it. You have the time, trust me. Schedule your workout in, everything from hitting the gym for a 45-minute sweat session to a one-person, five-minute Beyoncé dance party in your living room. It all counts as long as you’re making it a part of your routine.”


Britgette Clare is a spin and TRX Coach, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), and product specialist for Vancouver’s Vega nutritional supplements. When she’s not experimenting in the kitchen or sharing new recipes, you’ll find her walking her dog Gracie, or on a bike at Spin Society. She loves morning workouts, which keep her energized all day long, and does group cross-training three times a week at Studeo 55. She sets herself up for success by staying consistent with her routine workouts, focusing on her goals and always making time for a quality breakfast. Her mantra: look good, eat good, train good, feel good.

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Brendan Brazier, Canadian 50-km Ultramarathon Champion and Former Ironman Triathlete


“Find workouts that you enjoy. I’ve always liked getting into the trails where the smells of fall are more noticeable and crisp.”


Brendan Brazier is the bestselling author of the Thrive book series. As a performance nutrition consultant, he works with such clients as NHL, UFC and Olympic athletes. He is also the company co-founder and formulator of nutritional supplements at Vega. Fall is Brendan’s favourite time to run outdoors – even the rain doesn’t stop him. He practices what he preaches by eating a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet, which helps create a greater range of motion, quicker recovery, more energy, better sleep and enhanced strength-to-weight ratio.

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Mason Mashon, Professional Mountain Biker


“Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Having the right athletic wear makes a huge difference when you want to do outdoor activities in the fall.”


When Mason Mashon isn’t riding the bike park in Whistler, he stays active by skiing or snowboarding in B.C.’s backcountry, or chasing swells on a surfboard off of Vancouver Island. With fall comes nasty weather and the motivation to be active outside can be compromised, but Mason doesn’t let this get him down; in fact, he loves exercising in the cooler temperatures. Passionate about adventure photography, Mason has often been the subject of others’ lenses and appeared in magazines worldwide. He also co-starred in the youth documentary series Underexposed on APTN.

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Meredith Eades, Professional Freeride Big Mountain Skier

tip: Set Goals

“Set a goal and say that goal out loud every day. Get yourself into a routine and create some accountability. I work out in the mornings, so that if something I would rather do comes up in the afternoon, I am less inclined to skip a workout. In doing so, if I skip my morning workout, I can’t go biking or to a friend’s house for dinner because I have to work out. When I don’t feel like getting out of bed on those cold, rainy mornings, I remind myself of the goal and the reason I am doing this. That usually gets me going.”


Meredith Eades competes on the Freeskiing World Tour and Freeskiing World Qualifying Tour. When she is not on skis, Meredith is usually found in the ocean on her surfboard, climbing up mountains with a pack on, or going down them on her mountain bike. After making the most out of her outdoor workouts during the summer months, Eades is ready to take it back indoors in the fall. The gym provides a social atmosphere she likes and more equipment options to change up her routines. A healthy diet and good workout gear help her stay focused and motivated, as does holding herself accountable for her actions off the slopes.

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Austin Ross, Professional Skier


“Don’t get discouraged by the cold, wind or rain! It’s often just as much fun to get dirty outside because you really feel worked over when you finally get indoors and cleaned up.”


Austin Ross lives for the outdoors, travelling the globe chasing snowstorms and finding unique mountains to climb, ski and fly from. He likes to go paragliding, trail running and cross-country mountain biking when the weather is nice. In the fall, when the days get shorter and the weather gets wet and cold, Ross likes to take his workouts indoors. He begins with weight-training in the gym incorporating a mixture of kettle bells, elastic bands, squats and dynamic stretching. He also likes to swim in the local pool and change up his fitness routine with some yoga.  

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Isabella Bertold, World Cup Medalist in Women’s Sailing


“Get outside and enjoy our moderate winters. Go for a hike or run. Enjoy the mountains by cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Make a point of scheduling workouts into your everyday.”


Isabella Bertold has excelled at numerous sailing championships, reaching a career-high ranking of second in the world. She is motivated by the challenge of winning Canada’s first Olympic medal in women’s sailing. Isabella likes to exercise outdoors in the fresh Vancouver air. She finds it easier to stay motivated in the morning and schedules her workouts first thing, as opposed to at the end of a rainy day.

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Simon Damborg, CrossFit Athlete and Coach

tip: FIND a class you enjoy

“Everyone’s active in the summer (especially in Vancouver) because there’s so much to do. By finding a group class program and community that you enjoy, you can multi-task by both being social and fit at the same time. The motivation to get yourself into the gym is always going to be hard, but if it’s with a group of people you enjoy, you’re going to feel much more inclined to go.”


Simon “Thor” Damborg has helped hundreds of people from a variety of backgrounds find what fit means to them. As owner, head coach and program director at Raincity Athletics, he changes up all of his clients’ routines by shifting their training towards more strength-based movements that are performed inside the studio. Like practically everyone who lives in Vancouver, he also loves to get outdoors, enjoying the seawall or the outlying open roads by bike.  

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