Bikes faster than cars during rush hour commute

Four out of five cyclists prove bike commuting is faster than driving.

Credit: Courtesy VACC

Four out of five cyclists prove bike commuting is faster than driving or taking public transit

Why bike?

That’s exactly the question the Share the Road Challenge sought to answer last week, as five teams of cyclists and drivers competed to see which was the faster mode of transport during the morning rush hour.

Participating in the road race—the second this year—were teams from COPE (Coalition of Progressive Electors), Ethical Bean, Grey Media Vancouver, Vancouver City Councillors and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

One driver and one cyclist comprised each team, both launching from a chosen start point and racing each other to the final destination, downtown at the Vancouver Public Library, simulating a “typical” Vancouver morning commute.

Bike to Work Week, November 2–8

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Four out of the five cyclists arrived first to the library ahead of both car drivers and transit users.

“The fifth cyclist,” says Erin O`Melinn, the Bike to Work program manager for the VACC, who produces the event, of the only cyclists not to win the challenge, “took a wrong turn on the Central Valley Greenway—she said it was beautiful and she got distracted.” Apparently, it was a new route for her.

Ethical Bean team

The Ethical Bean team

“But she did arrive in good time considering her detour—which was quite long!”

Of special note, the Ethical Bean team’s cyclist, Jeff, arrived from Burnaby in half the time of Viren, the car driver—even with a coffee jet pack on his back!

VACC team

The COPE team

“The key takeaway is that cycling is definitely the quickest way to get to work no matter where you start from,” says Rebecca Irani, cyclist for the Grey Vancouver team. “The weather can cause me to question whether I should cycle or not, particularly in the winter. However, the sense of freedom and accomplishment I feel, will ensure that biking becomes my main mode of transport come rain or shine!”

And how were the winners rewarded? “The winners received recognition at the finish line to show that their companies are sustainable and progressive,” says Erin. And in these progressively greener times, such is the stuff of marketing gold—as consumers increasingly seek out companies who are actively reducing their footprint and forwarding a more eco-friendly agenda.

The main objective of the event was to raise awareness for Bike to Work Week, which begins today and runs through November 8, to show people they can bike to work in any weather—and not take any longer than in their car or on transit.

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