Challenge Yourself to Stay Fit this October with Yoga and Beyond

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The 30-Day Community Challenge is the perfect opportunity to get in shape, try out new fitness classes, support your community and win great prizes

With temperatures slowly starting to drop, the fall season is a great time to take your exercise routine indoor and try YYoga’s 30-Day Community Challenge. Starting October 1st, join a YYoga community in your area, set a goal for the number of classes you’d like to attend in a month and track your progress along with other members in your region. Each community will raise money for a local charity through support pledges, and you can even win great prizes just by participating. As part of your challenge, you’ll not only have a variety of more than 12 yoga classes to choose from, but are also encouraged to try some of YYoga’s newer, more intense fitness classes. Check out the new fall schedule online, which comes into effect on September 28, to plan out which classes you’ll attend.

Here are some of the classes you can try at as part of your challenge, which offer a more challenging workout, plus a relaxing bonus…


YFit is essentially a more zen approach to the kind of competitive fitness offered by CrossFit. All levels are welcome, but be prepared to push your limits in this vigorous circuit training class. You’re guaranteed to work up a sweat as you do exercises that are meant to increase your endurance, cardio and functional strength. You’ll find that the yoga-inspired cool down at the end is the perfect way to finish your workout session.


When the rainy weather has you thinking twice about strapping on that bike helmet, YRide is a great alternative! Hop on a spin bike and pedal along with your classmates to music and the encouraging words of your instructor. This is an intense cardiovascular workout that will tone your body to help you look and feel your best.


Practically the opposite of slow, meditative yoga practice, TRX is truly intensive strength training. Suspended from a specialized system of ropes, you’ll work against your own body weight to get an incredibly powerful, full-body workout. Based on an exercise program developed by a former Navy Seal, this class is guaranteed to make you work up a serious sweat. Make sure to bring a towel and water to this one – you’ll need them!


The newest addition to the YYoga lineup, YSculpt is just being introduced this fall. According to Kelly Colleen, YYoga’s director of programming, “YSculpt challenges you to push, pull, lunge and squat your way to core strength and fitness from the inside out.” Practiced in a room with a warmer temperature that helps relax muscles and improve flexibility, Colleen says this class is “perfect for those seeking a slow, deep burn to fitness.” 

As a Bonus: Enjoy the Sauna!

After a vigorous workout, you deserve to sit back and relax – and what better way to do this than in the glorious, steamy heat of a sauna? Most YYoga locations have an infrared sauna for members to enjoy. In addition to relaxation, saunas provide a number of health benefits, including: pain relief, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, skin purification and even weight loss.