Feeling Alive at Moksha Yoga Vancouver

As we move into the chilly rainy season, hot yoga is a great way to nurture body, mind and soul

Credit: Lisa Manfield

BC Living and Living Free Canada subscribers joined us for a free intro hot yoga class

When I walked into Moksha Yoga Vancouver for the Feel Alive event put on by BC Living and Living Free Canada on Sunday, I was greeted by the familiar scent of Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap and warm bamboo floors

I was a member at Moksha Yoga Oakville, but that was, ahem, about four years ago, so I was a little nervous by the amount of time that had elapsed since I’d braved the 90 minutes of challenging poses in 37- to 39-degrees celcius heat.

Fortunately it was a 45-minute introductory class with a very gentle teacher and a (slightly) cooler room.

Preparing for Hot Yoga

I’m not normally a sweaty person. My socks might be a bit moist after a jog and my face a little red and glowy following a weight session at the gym, but after our class my hair looked like I had just stepped out of the shower and my cotton tank top was all stretched out from the weight of the water (it was soaked through and through). I didn’t care. I felt amazing. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Hot yoga is an incredible workout for your body, mind and soul. It increases cardiovascular and muscular fitness, is absolutely amazing for your skin, and leaves you feeling calm and confident, strengthened and relaxed.

But hot yoga requires a little more preparation than regular yoga. First of all, you need to make sure that you’re properly hydrated before class and stay properly hydrated throughout the class. This is an absolute must, so don’t forget your water bottle.

Secondly, your clothing is important. Wicking fabrics are essential because you will sweat like you’ve never sweat before. Also make sure that you bring a towel and I prefer to bring my own mat (the slightly-hypochondriac side of me would have trouble on a previously-seriously-sweat-on mat even though I’m sure they clean the studio mats very well).

Finally, a change of clothes and a second towel for a shower are a luxury that I forgot (and the people next to me on the bus ride home must have also regretted).

Apres-yoga Treats from Cocoa Nymph and Jo’s Toes

We finished the Feel Alive event with the most incredible chocolate from Cocoa Nymph Chocolates & Confections – we sampled the Sea Nymph, a 64% dark Belgian chocolate with sea salt and English toffee – and beautiful nail art from Jo’s Toes and Esthetics.

Even though I won’t receive that kind of pampering the next time I got back to Moksha Yoga, I am still giddy with the excitement of rediscovering a former love.

If you’d like to discover Moksha Yoga, check out their website for more information and get a coupon for a free class for you and a friend by signing up for Living Free Canada, a lifestyle company offering coupons and events.

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Catherine Roscoe Barr, BSc Neuroscience, is a Vancouver-based freelance writer, editor and fitness professional. Before settling on the West Coast she lived in Sydney, Toronto, Oregon, Montana, and practically everywhere in Alberta. She can be found jogging with her adorable dog, dining with her fabulous husband or voraciously reading anywhere comfy.