Five reasons to commute by bike all year long…

Just in time for Bike to Work Week...

Credit: Flickr / Material Boy

… and to love it

We asked four experienced bike commuters why they ride their bike to work and why they love it.

Who: David McInnes, master mechanic for Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

Bike commuting experience: 5 years

Commute distance: 18.5 km


Who: Eric Lorenz, commuter cycling skills instructor, bicycle maintenance instructor and mapping consultant for the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (VACC)

Bike commuting experience: since college (17 years)

Commute distance: 5 km

Who: Kathy Sinclair, VACC office manager

Bike commuting experience in the fall: started last year

Commute distance: 5 km

Who: Sean McKibben, VACC director of programs

Bike commuting experience: “a long time” (at least 17 years)

Commute distance: 17.5 km


1. It’s healthy

David McInnes: “When I come home from work, I don’t feel as bad seating in the couch because I have already done some exercise today and it puts you in a great mental state.”

Eric Lorenz: “At first I was riding four days a week and taking a bus on the last day to rest. I lost 45 pounds in five months! It’s a very good exercise!”


2. It’s green

DM: “It’s a selfish way to be green because it makes you feel so much better and it saves you money in gas for the car.”

EL: “This is reason number two in my “50 reasons why to commute by bike”: to reduce my carbon footprint.”


3. It’s fast

Sean McKibben: “It’s often quicker and never not that much longer than driving its car.”

Kathy Sinclair: “For me it even beats public transportation. I’d have to walk, wait for the bus. It’s very crowded and I have to let a few buses go before I can get on”.

SM & KS: “We organized a Share the Road Challenge during the Bike to Work Week in May and seven cyclists beat the motorists.”

EL: “I like that I’m in control of everything because like I said before I am very impatient and I go faster by bike especially on my way back home when I pass long lines of cars in traffic. It’s also more maneuverable.”


4. Enjoy the view

DM: “I come from North Vancouver to West Broadway everyday and the view is simply beautiful when crossing the bridges.”


5. “It’s fun” (unanimous answer)


Plus: Favourite recreational itineraries:

EL: “Salt Spring Island with its maple trees and road side shops and the Seymour Valley trailway where there is no car.”

SM: “The Seawall is gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun to cross Burrard Bridge (link to new lane article).”


Find more information, bike roads and maps in Vancouver:

City of Vancouver and Translink

MEC, Translink and the VACC partner up to organize MEC Great Rides events. Learn more on the website and see Granville online event page.