Get Set for the Fifth Annual Bike to Work Week from May 30 to June 5

It's time to ditch the car and strap on your helmet for the fifth annual Bike to Work Week.

Credit: Bike to Work

Join the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition with Bike to Work Week


With gas prices skyrocketing to record highs, the fifth annual Bike to Work Week could not come at a more convenient time. This May 30 – June 5, the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition encourages would-be motorists to leave their cars at home and choose cycling as a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly method of transportation.


Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of exercise before settling into your desk.

Once again, commuter stations will be set up across town during peak traffic hours to reward weary cyclists with free refreshments and complimentary bike tune-ups.

How to register for Bike to Work Week

Everyone is urged to participate in Bike to Work Week, whether you are a newbie biker or a veteran cycle enthusiast.

Just sign up on the Bike to Work Week website and challenge friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Once registered, you can start logging your hours spent pedaling to and from work each day.

Vancouver has lots of segregated bike lanes to make cycling to work even easier.
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/ karen_neoh)

Last year, over 7000 cyclists in the Metro Vancouver area participated in the event, and this year, the VACC hopes to top those numbers. The VACC is offering prizes to workplaces that boast the highest number of participants and the most commutes logged, so there is even more reason to get those feet pumping.

And of course, be sure to stop by the Bike to Work Week Wrap up BBQ June 3 to celebrate your hours logged pedaling with fellow Vancouver cyclists.

Check out the VACC on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep updated on details for Bike to Work Week.