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Local Elite Athletes Reveal How They Stay Motivated to Work Out

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Find out what tools these fitness professionals use to stay inspired to be the best they can be day after day

Ashleigh (McIvor) DeMerit

“I love the “Roc It” circuit training red light/green light set-up at Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness. There is something nice about having someone, or in this case something, telling you when you are done one exercise and that it’s time to move to the next. It’s much nicer than having to look at the clock and focus on the time. I guess it’s that distraction factor. I can think pleasant thoughts to push through the burn! It’s also sometimes a bit overwhelming to come up with your own fitness program, and unless I have it all written out ahead of time, I have trouble thinking of what order to do things in on the spot. It’s kind of like being unable to think of the songs you’ve been dying to hear all day as soon as someone asks you to put some music on.  Club 16 in downtown Vancouver has three circuit lines, so it’s easy to switch it up and keep it fresh each time, and the well-thought-out sequence of exercises targets the appropriate muscle groups to hit consecutively, with a rest station worked in there too.”

Ashleigh (McIvor) DeMerit is a 2010 Olympic gold medalist and ski cross world champion, keynote speaker, co-founder of the Rise & Shine Retreat with husband Jay DeMerit, fitness ambassador for Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She’s Fit, sports analyst/commentator for Yahoo! Sports and CBC and spokesperson/ambassador for Whistler Blackcomb, Oakley & Stöckli Skis.


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Tommy Europe

“I would have to say my favourite motivational tool is my playlist, since when I’m listening to good beats… I’m ready. I’m putting my latest playlist together with a mashup of songs from a variety of awesome DJs like DJ Mr. Miami and DJ Starting From Scratch. I also love my online training app by Trainerize as it has a lot of variety.”

Tommy Europe is a former pro football player, TV host of The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides, author of The 10-Pound Shred, creator of SHRED Bootcamp and SHRED Wellness Makeover and celebrity fitness coach specializing in corporate wellness.

Travis Lulay

“In my profession, there are fewer jobs than there are qualified athletes. The margin of difference between being on a team and being unemployed is very slim, so the motivation to continue to improve is always there.

There are two thoughts that motivate me on the days that I’m tired or sore and working out seems like a challenge. First off, I remember what it was like to be on the outside looking in. I worked like crazy to earn an opportunity and I refuse to waste all that effort over the years. And secondly, in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, I have great confidence knowing that I outworked the opponent for that exact moment. That confidence is not given, it’s earned in the off-season. That’s how I get through the slow days. That’s what makes me tick.”

BC Lions quarterback Travis Lulay is going into his seventh season with the Lions and was the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player in 2011 while leading the club to its sixth Grey Cup title. He and his wife Kim live just across the border in Blaine, Washington and they have two daughters, Parker and Everly. Travis was born in Oregon, attended Montana State University and is very active in a number of offseason community programs including Be More Than A Bystander as well as his own work with Special Olympics.

Dai Manuel

“Motivation – if it came in a bottle, we’d all have it. This might not be exactly how Cher described it, but I love the way it sounds. There’s no quick fix when it comes to health, fitness and motivation. That comes from within – however, today there are some incredible tools, like fitness wearables to help one be more accountable to their goals by providing instant and consistent feedback. One of my faves is the Polar Loop with Bluetooth telemetry strap. This gives me all the awesome tools, apps and feedback I need for everyday living, and it is a key tool that I use for taking the guess work out of my training sessions (it tracks movement and heart rate training!). Motivation might not come in bottle, but you can wear it on a wrist now.”

Dai Manuel is a dad, husband, entrepreneur, award-winning blogger, motivational speaker, social media strategist, CrossFit athlete and coach (get his free body-weight E-guide with 99 amazing workouts). 

Yannick Weber

“During the season, workouts can be tough and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing them. But what gets me through is knowing that it’s essential for my career and it will help me in the long run (like playoffs). There’s always going to be a guy who is willing to work just as hard as me for my job. It’s important to set a goal and work towards it. Take it day-by-day and step-by-step, knowing that it’s not going to happen overnight. But seeing something in the future will help you stay on track.

A quote I have on my phone and see every day is‚ “The greatest battle is not physical but psychological.” The demons telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good. They must always be answered by the quiet, steady dignity that simply refuses to give in. Courage. We all suffer. Keep going.”

Yannick Weber is a 26-year-old Swiss defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks. In the 2014-15 season, Weber has six goals (6-8-14) in 50 games, along with four points (3-1-4) in six career playoff games. He represented Switzerland at both the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games, as well as three times at the World Juniors. Weber recalls winning the OHL championship with the Kitchener Rangers as one of his favourite hockey moments.

Brendan Brazier

“Passion and liking what I’m doing is the only motivational tool that I need. I’d rather work out than do other things because I love the experience as much as the results that come with it.”

Brendan is a former professional Ironman triathlete, a two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, the creator of an award-winning line of whole food nutritional products called VEGA, and the bestselling author of the Thrive book series. He is also the developer of the acclaimed ZoN Thrive Fitness program and the creator of Thrive Foods Direct national meal delivery service. Recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on plant-based performance nutrition, Brendan works with NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, PGA, Tour De France and Olympic athletes and is a guest lecturer at Cornell University where he presents an eCornell module entitled “The Plant-Based Diet and Elite Athleticism.”


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