10 Health and Fitness Instagrammers You Need to Follow

We went to the experts to ask what they like to post on instagram and what accounts inspire their health and fitness goals

Ten Vancouverites to follow on instagram for health inspiration and fitness motivation

Instagram is the first app I check in the morning and often the last I check at night—and it’s a great way to share fitness goals and engage with your community. So what does it take to create a page that is both visually appealing and motivating?

We went to local fitness experts to ask what they like to post on instagram and which accounts inspire their health and fitness goals.

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Karlene Karst, founder of Sea-licious and Veg-licious Omega Oil

Instagram: @karlenekarst

“I post pictures on Instagram that will inspire people to live their life through healthy food, friendships and family. When your body is functioning at its best, you will be able to live your best quality life and feel amazing while doing it. I hope to inspire passion and enthusiasm for natural health and wellness.”


Who do you follow?

“My favourite Instagram fitness account is @yogainspiration. I’m obsessed with the poses and how amazing the human body can be to stretch, move and health thy self in this way. Yoga is more than just fitness but an incredible way to destress mind and body.”

Steve Di Tomaso, director of Envision Fitness, certified strength and conditioning coach, certified exercise physiologist and kinesiologist

Instagram @envisionfit

“At Envision Fitness, our mission is to bring the joy of life to others through healthy, active living. My Instagram feed is filled with images and videos of our members that are changing their lives through fitness as well as the team that facilitate their change.”


Who do you follow?

“We owe a lot of the good we are able to achieve at our gym to Ultimate Sandbag creator Josh Henkin. Josh inspired us to use his DVRT training system through his personal success story of coming back to function and fitness after back injury.”

Erin Treloar, director of business development at Treloar Physiotherapy and Founder of RAW Beauty Talks

instagram @ErinTreloar 

“I share reflections on life as a mom and my adventures in building @RawBeautyTalks and the Pilates studio @TreloarPhysio. Sometimes that includes the not-so-glamorous moments. I think of Instagram as a living journal that allows me to document a portion of my journey and connect with some incredible people along the way.”


Who do you follow?

“Ashley Wiles is an inspiration on and off of Instagram. She’s crushing her fitness goals and inspiring young girls to stay active through her organization Sole Girls. I follow her because she’s real and she’s approaching fitness in a refreshing way. It’s not all about burning calories and getting a flat stomach.”

Catherine Roscoe Barr, BSc neuroscience, wellness coach and lifestyle journalist


“I post about everything related to wellness, from what I eat/drink and where/how I work out, to where I travel, how I manage stress, the incredible people I meet as a coach and writer, my adorable dog and fabulous husband, what I’m reading, and whatever else engages, inspires and informs me.


Who do you follow?

Dr. Genieve Burley-Howes. She radiates “health in alignment” as a yoga instructor and chiropractor.

Emily von Euw, creator of ThisRawsomeVeganLife.com and best-selling cookbook author

INSTAGRAM @thisrawsomeveganlife 

“I mainly post food recipes, always vegan and usually healthy, but I also love doughnuts and pizza so sometimes you’ll see that too. I think a healthy lifestyle is all about doing what works for you and not restricting things you like. Occasionally I share photos of myself flexing the biceps after the gym or holding various fruits. As far as the written portion of my posts, I tend to just be excited about whatever food I am eating and how good it makes me feel, and periodically I’ll talk about the importance of self-care, body positivity…”


Who do you follow?

“I adore some IG accounts for their healthy food photography. They get me stoked to eat more fruits and veggies and make ’em look pretty while I’m doing it. Some faves are @eleanor.honor, @thefullhelping and @rhianamygdala, but there are loads of others… For fitness inspo, I really enjoy the accounts of some curvy ladies like @mynameisjessamyn, @stefania_model and @iamiskra because they’re killing it, showing the world that all bods are beautiful and that fitness looks different on every body.”

Jason Sarai, Bespoke stylist & CEO of Style by Sarai

Instagram @stylebysarai

“I initially focused strictly on fashion and style. Over the course of the past couple of years, I decided to share my passion for fitness, embracing nature and living a healthy lifestyle.  Being an ambassador for @lululemon allowed me to fuse the two worlds. I also support another Vancouver-based company, @strike_mvmnt with a tagline of #unitedbymotion.”


who do you follow?

“There are several fitness accounts I follow for inspiration to be active and grateful for the health I have, but both companies I mentioned embody the essence of movement and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Kate Horsman, holistic nutritionist and wellness expert

instagram @lilkatehorsman 

“I like sharing my journey and expertise in nutrition, food, wellness and fitness through my design eye. I am so passionate about all of these areas that I want to share my knowledge and experience that has been cultivated through many years, many studies, and mostly the many ups and downs, struggles and successes of my own journey and others. Soon I will be starting my own practice. My goal is to help people: be empowered, be well, inspire and educate. A lot of this I show through my instagram. The power of food which I hope to make stylish, healthy, nourishing and sexy, and also through moving the body and making the absolutely most of it. I have so much gratitude and respect for it!”


Who do you follow?

“I feel inspired by many instagrammers, so it’s hard to chose one, but the trifecta combo would be @lucyulmer13 (local triathlete iron man), @mistyonpointe (Misty Copeland Principal Dancer with American Ballet) and @sjanaelise (yogi). They combine all of my fitness aspirations and the different models of activity that have shaped me into my body and my athletic endeavours today.”

Alex Troll, co-founder of The Juicery Co.

instagram @thejuiceryco

“On the Juicery, I post about our delicious juices with their health benefits and lots about our upcoming events. We love to help people learn how to juice at home and create an overall healthier life style for themselves. We share juicing videos, host nutritional talks in our store and share lots of blogs on on recipes to try at home.”


Who do you follow?

@laurenpatonrhn is our team nutritionist at The Juicery and registered RHN. She’s helped us create juice recipes and designed our Greenist Cleanse. She’s always giving me amazing daily reminders to drink more water or try a new recipe. She focuses on a whole food, plant-based diet!”

Dai Manuel, lifestyle mentor

instagram: @daimanuel

“I’m a big believer in a show-versus-tell approach to social media sharing—to be a mentor versus just a coach. My goals with my posts are to motivate, inspire and educate my communities in living happier, healthier more active lifestyles. I share a lot about me, my family and pretty much anything I feel might inspire or motivate the person coming across the post.”


who do you follow?

“I’m inspired by many people, in particular my wife. Her positive outlook on life, parenting and partnership constantly inspire and motivate me to be a better father, husband, friend and mentor to those that I connect with on and offline.”

Erika & Tiffany Brown, co-founders of Fitness Foods

Instagram @fitnessfoods

“We mostly post our meals. We are so proud of what we do; we really love it. Every meal is an opportunity to fuel yourself properly, respect the environment by opting for organic and to truly enjoy eating delicious food. We hope that our food inspires our followers to get creative in the kitchen—thinking of new ways to reduce sugar, altering a family-favourite recipe to be paleo or even going gluten-free.

“We also post things we find funny, inspirational quotes and a few pics of our own workouts. Nutrition and healthy living is so incredibly important, yet many people are intimidated by the concept. We try and make our account accessible to both the fitness fanatics and those who are new to the game.”


who do you follow?

“We love our girl Meray Froese (@merayfroese)! She started My Reward Fitness (@myrewardfitness) to help people not only reach their fitness goals, but to get to a space that is easy to maintain. Meray understands the importance of nutrition and how it relates to fitness in a way that’s accessible for everyone.”