Tommy Europe’s Favourite Outdoor Vancouver Activities

Hiking, biking and snowshoeing are a great way to stay fit this winter

Credit: Peter Holst

Get outside and burn some calories with these fun winter activities

The amazing thing about living in Vancouver is that you don’t have to hibernate all winter. We have an unbelievable playground at our disposal, with countless activities to stay in shape, enjoy the elements and increase the fun factor. Here are a few of my favourite ways to incorporate the city into your workout routine – even in the gloomy months.

Hiking on the North Shore

Vancouver is a hiker’s paradise, with so many trails to choose from with various intensities.

Where to go: The Grouse Grind (most intense) or Quarry Rock in Deep Cove

Cost: Free

Winter gear: Have suitable shoes, as the terrain can be slick.

Calories burned: I’ve burned up to 1,000 calories on these trails by treating them like intervals (fast/moderate pace).

Fitness benefits: Besides the great cardio workout, you can’t beat the fresh mountain air and breathtaking views. Note: on the Grind, I would caution you about coming down the hill as it will put extra stress on your knees, so pack some cash for the gondola ride.

Mountain Biking in Greater Vancouver

Biking in the Lower Mainland is a 365-days-a-year activity and depending on your level of expertise, there are countless trails to get an amazing workout in Vancouver because you will definitely encounter a lot of hills.

Where to go: Mount Seymour (more technical) or SFU, Burnaby Mountain

Cost: Free

Winter gear: Dress in layers and have good tires on your bike.

Calories burned: For an hour ride, you can burn upwards of 700 calories

Fitness benefits: This is a full-body workout and will increase your cardio capacity and leg strength.

Credit: flickr/selihpxe8 | Mt. Seymour

Snowshoeing on the North Shore Mountains

Head to the North Shore Mountains, and get ready to sweat. This is an awesome cardio activity and a great way to push yourself.

Where to go: Cypress Mountain

Cost: $10 to $26 (depending on if you have your own snowshoes)

Winter gear:  Layer up, light Gortex boots, hat and gloves

Calories burned: 700 to 1,000 calories burned in 60 to 90 minutes

Fitness benefits: Cardio explosion! Snowshoeing increases your endurance and builds up strength.


Think of using the entire city as your jungle gym. Parkour allows you to be a kid again, using your body as the ultimate tool and includes running, rolling, jumping and swinging over obstacles in your environment.

Where to go: Origins Parkour and Fitness Facility or anywhere in the city that has obstacles to conquer

Cost: free, or learn the basics at Origins (prices vary)

Winter gear: Dress in warm and light athletic wear

Fitness benefits: Gain strength, agility, cardio & coordination.

Calories burned: 500 to 800 per hour