Top Fitness Trends with Tommy Europe

The Vancouver fitness guru reveals his favourite home exercises and classes in the city

Tommy Europe, fitness trainer extraordinaire, shares the workouts and trends you need to pay attention to

The wonderful world of health and fitness is a landscape that is constantly changing, and with that change comes trends. Some trends stand the test of time, while others enjoy their 15 minutes of fame before vanishing faster than a rainbow.

I think of myself as both a producer and consumer, so I love to see innovation, new tools and trends. I have picked five trends that you should pay attention to, as they will guide you into a lifetime of optimal health and fitness.

Credit: Tim Ellis

High Intensity Interval Training

Otherwise known as (HIIT), this form of exercise is all about intensity and effort. The benefits are shorter workout times, more efficient fat burning, and higher levels of energy. There are several ways that you can incorporate HIIT into your workouts, one of them being Tabata. Tabata is a four-minute interval that involves eight sets [20-seconds of work followed by 10-seconds rest], and you can use just about any exercise imaginable. Do a set now using burpees and you’ll see what I mean.

Credit: Penn State 

Fitness Classes

Back in the ’80s we had aerobic classes – these days there are a multitude of classes that are available for you to try, including Barre Method Class, Crossfit class, Bootcamp, and many more. Most fitness classes are only as good as the instructor, so ask around and it will be easy to find which classes are the cream of the crop. In Vancouver, I’ve recently checked out Fit in 30 Minutes, and Urban Fitness Club, who both offer some innovative classes, and throughout 2014, I’ll be hosting my SHRED Bootcamp at one of these locations.

Suspension Training

Suspension training has been around for a very long time. TRX made it famous years ago, and since then it has continued to gain acceptance and popularity. This form of training is portable and extremely effective. You’re in control of the intensity by using your bodyweight and gravity as leverage. Suspension training is effective at training your entire body in a minimal amount of time, when you have the right instruction. I use the Human Trainer suspension system, as it has a lot of accessories that increase the fun factor when it comes to training.

Credit: Amanda D TX


I wouldn’t call myself a “yogi”, but in B.C., yoga has been a staple for years, and it doesn’t look like that will be stopping anytime soon. I consider it a form of exercise that everyone should include their lifestyle in some way, shape or form. Yoga is amazing for your flexibility, balance, core, strength, and, most importantly, stress management. YYoga is my ‘go to’ choice, as they have every type of yoga imaginable, and they always have great deals.

Online Training

Online personal training is a definite trend that continues to gain popularity and acceptance, due to people living busier lives, which limits time and budget. You can save substantially with online training ($20-$100/month) when compared to personal training rates, which can run you $80-$300 per hour.

This makes it easy to work out on your own schedule with expert advice and customized programming. Take a test run at; I have a 14-day free trial waiting for you.

Now it’s your turn to see which trends fit your lifestyle, just remember to do your research to see which trend is right for you. If you need any other resources or help, then make sure to check into

May the shred be with you!