Top Tips to Recover From Your Workouts

These expert tips will help prevent you from suffering after you exercise

These expert tips will help prevent you from suffering after you exercise

It’s the time of year when people are heading to the gym to prep for all sorts of summer activities. I find myself bouncing between softball practices and various exercise classes, and end up being too sore to move for days after. I don’t like to take painkillers or just hope the soreness will go away—I want to prevent it altogether!

So I turned to Ella Jotie, co-founder and creator of Barre Fitness, to ask her for her top tips on how to recover after a workout, so you can feel your best every day…



1. Stretch it out

“Stretching after a workout helps decrease soreness, releases tension, and helps to build flexibility and range of motion. These are all good things as you prepare for your next gym session.”


2. Hydrate with H2O

“Our body loses a lot of water when we workout, and water aids in recovery and prevents muscle fatigue.”


3. Eat protein and potassium

“Eat a light low-cal snack after a workout that’s loaded with protein and potassium—protein for muscle growth and improvement, and potassium for muscle energy.”

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4. Sleep

“During sleep, your body does some amazing things, including helping grow tissue for muscle repair and to restore your body. At least six hours is ideal.”


5. Self-care

“Don’t overstress your body with too many workouts coupled with too much to do at work and at home. Find time to relax and rejuvenate—not only will your body recover, but you’ll build mental strength to take on your next challenge.”