Top 5 Vancouver Spin Classes

Indoor cycling is the latest workout craze to take over the city. Find out the best places to get your stationary groove on

Credit: Paul Joseph

For active-living warriors or those just looking for a fun workout, here are our five fave indoor cycling classes

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, 154 West Hastings Street

Gastown’s Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary puts the Zen in spin, where you’re greeted by Moroccan-inspired decor and the studio’s signature juniper and orange scent. Downstairs, the lounge – adorned with richly hued fabrics, lockers and full washroom facilities – offers sanctuary pre- and post-class. “We put a large emphasis on the total experience from the minute you enter Eastwood until the minute you leave,” says owner Jillian Sheridan.

But once you step into the spacious cycling room, it’s game on. The studio offers up three class styles: The Icon (a music-driven, 45-minute full-body workout including upper body strength training); The Athlete (a 45- or 60-minute endurance ride focused on overall conditioning); and The Cyclist (a 75-minute class designed for road-specific training). “No matter the length, expect an intensive cardio workout that challenges and strengthens the entire body, mind and spirit,” says Sheridan.

After class, spend a little extra time in the stretch zone then grab a eucalyptus towel from the fridge to cool off.

First class is free, $25 for drop-in, SPD shoes are complimentary

Cadence Cycling Studio, Unit 106 –1529 West 6th Avenue

Located in South Granville, Cadence Cycling Studio is tucked away in a quiet courtyard set back from the street – but step inside and the soundtrack gets cranked up.

“Music, fun and energy are a huge part of the experience,” says owner Mike Porter, about the 45- and 75-minute classes that focus on cardio and form. “Proper biomechanics on the bike are important at Cadence, and everything we do in our workouts is safe and effective. You’ll be encouraged to push yourself, but it’s your ride so you’ll never be singled out for going at your own pace. Our goal is that everyone feels a little more positive and happy,” says Porter.

The sense of community fostered by the friendly staff and the camaraderie of members prompted Porter to open a community lounge next door to the studio last year, a bright space that offers smoothies, healthy snacks, juice from the Juice Truck and complimentary coffee. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a good sweat.

First class is free, $23.75 for drop-in and SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) shoes are complimentary

Credit: Alan Chan

Ride Cycle Club, 881 Hamilton Street

Entering the studio at Yaletown’s Ride Cycle Club is like entering a swank, sweaty night- club in New York City: dim lights, fierce music and glistening bodies pulsating in unison to the beat. “We coach our classes to ride together, using the beat of the music to drive their pedal stroke. It creates an amazing pack-like mentality, where you feel a true team vibe in each class,” says co-founder and instructor Ashley Ander, who caught the indoor cycling bug while living in NYC.

“At Ride, our instructors carefully curate a playlist intended to allow you to lose yourself in the experience,” she says of the full-body workout incorporating push-ups, core-toning movements and upper body strength training with dumbbells.

A group of helpful staff and instructors “are always there to introduce you to your first Ride experience – studio tour, shoe fittings and bike set-up – so each client feels ready to ride with the pack,” says Ander of the candlelit classes.

First class is free, $24 for drop-in, Look Delta cleats are complimentary

Studeo55, Unit 202 – 865 Hornby

Pick up your complimentary iced water bottle, sashay past the lounge’s hand-woven cocoon chairs and step into the spin room at downtown Vancouver’s posh Studeo55 training centre – and get ready to sweat.

“Out of the gate, our coaches really bring the whole experience together: the lights are cued to the energy of the music and the sense of anticipation begins to build,” says general manager Matt Reid of the 45-minute Drive classes that incorporate upper body training.

“Some songs will be hype and fast; some are slow and sexy. The resistance is altered based on the tempo to keep the group together. This allows riders to have an incredible workout, sweat like crazy and have the time of their lives doing something that will surely challenge them.”

First class is free, $25 for drop-in, bring SPD shoes or wear appropriate runners

Cyklus Indoor Cycling Studio, 889 Expo Boulevard

Cyklus Indoor Cycling Studio in Yaletown spins you into a serious cycling zone, as massive curtains draped from 25-foot ceilings are drawn at the start of each class to block out the outside world and get you into the groove.

“At Cyklus, we teach you to train the same way the pros do,” says owner Jay Shapka, a long-time road cyclist whose qualified team works you out on Keiser M3i bikes (“the smoothest pedalling bikes out there”). But it’s far from just serious cyclists who swear by this studio.

“Everyone is welcome here, whether they’re new to indoor cycling or getting back into shape,” says Shapka of the wide range of classes offered, like the 45-minute foundation ride, the 60-minute endurance ride, the 75-minute spin and yoga class and the 90-minute performance training ride for road cyclists.

First class is free, $19.50 for drop-in and SPD shoes are complimentary