Why do YOU bike to work?

Health, stress-relief, the environment, cost, polyester... why bike to work?

Credit: Flickr / Garry Knight

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In anticipation of Bike to Work Week, Granville Online asked these savvy Vancouverites why they bike to work.

“‘Cause it just feels so damn good in the morning. I started to bike to work 13 years ago when they invented polyester—you couldn’t bring cloths in your backpack that would wrinkle in an office environment.” —Tania Marshall

“Biking to work is good on so many levels: it is good for health, environment, strength of communities, cost effectiveness, you feel great at work because your mind is alert and you do not have that added stress because of traffic congestion.” —Diana Wilson, VACC program manager for Street Wise Cycling

“Sustainable and healthy, we are not doing enough about fast food culture and a city built for cars, biking to work is a statement against this and for yourself and health, you can also get to work faster and it’s stress free.” —Lily Wong, Zip Car

“I think it is multifaceted, it’s good for the environment, it’s good for personal fitness, it’s good for office comradery between regular bikers who already cycle to work and new cyclists.” —John Gibb-Carsley organizer of Bike to Work Week for the Federal Department of Justice

“It’s fun! That little physical effort, out in the fresh air, can set you up for the day, better than jumping into a car and griping about other drivers.” —Ron Richings, Momentum magazine

“Good for the environment, community health, stress relieving. Vancouver is more cycle friendly, cars are more aware of cyclists on the road.” —Marina Kamalova, student at SFU

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