Workout Advice for Every Personality Type

Is your excuse for avoiding exercise consistent with your personality type?

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It’s time to replace those excuses with exercise

My whole attitude towards exercise is this: it is a basic human need, just like food, air and water. It is necessary to promote a healthy body and mind. So why is it that so many of us try to dodge daily exercise?

From my experience as a personal trainer, I often hear the same excuses from clients. In the following slides, I’ve outlined the three most common fitness personality types I’ve encountered and how each of them tries to avoid exercise.

I have provided tips and workout suggestions that will extinguish excuses no matter who you are. Think of these tips as tough love that will encourage you to take care of yourself in the long-run.


Sasha Tymkiw has been involved in sports (competitive swimming, snowboarding, horseback riding) from a young age and made the natural progression to personal training in her early 20s. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, numerous fitness certifications and years of experience. She is one of the first instructors who offered boot-camp style workouts in East Vancouver.

Type 1: The Martyr

Excuse: “I just don’t have time.”

You find comfort in being everything to everyone and view exercise as just one more thing to do. Your schedule is structured and insanely busy.

Taking some ‘me time’ can feel like a selfish luxury, but trust me, everybody around you will be thankful that you’re taking time to de-stress. Give yourself permission for 30 to 45 minutes of self-care, and on days you absolutely cannot make time for exercise, let it go! Make it the priority in your schedule tomorrow. Here are four at-home exercise solutions that should fit into your schedule.

The Daily Hit

The Daily Hit has a library of interval-based workouts that lead you through high intensity, full-body routines that are so hardcore you are usually done in less than 20 minutes. If you only have a short time to exercise, this is your best bet, as every nanosecond you spend doing these exercises is a major workout. If you don’t possess the basic equipment used in the videos, the instructors always give alternatives. But because the site is free, you can use that money to pick yourself up some basics, like a speed rope and medicine ball.

My Yoga Online

Let’s face it, getting away from family and work for over an hour of yoga (plus travel time and changing) is crazy talk to you. Instead, get Zen at home. My Yoga Online is a cyber yoga community that gives you access to thousands of classes, many taught by B.C.’s finest. For $9.99 a month, you can use the search engine to find a class that fits your timeframe and needs while participating in challenges and discussions about all things wellness. Try the Vata Flow for fall to calm your anxious mind in these busy months.

Bike Rollers

B.C. is full of biking fanatics, but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to lose your sexy summer legs. A bike roller is a contraption that lets you mount your bike and ride it like you would outside without actually moving. Warning: these bad gals can be loud on wood floors, so if you live in a condo, this could be an issue. Available at Mountain Equipment Co-op and most road bike stores.

Addicted to Sweat: Jaw Breaker Chair Workout DVD

If you want to keep things simple in your life, Madonna’s Jaw Breaker Chair Workout (in her Addicted to Sweat series) makes setup a breeze – all you need is a chair! This workout isolates abdominals and lower body into a muscle-firing series that’ll tighten up that tummy and tush. This is an excellent routine for those who are looking for an intense workout without a lot of jumping around.

Type 2: The ‘Tude

Excuse: “I get bored.”

You find comfort in dominating areas you have already mastered or committing to a workout plan that is unrealistic (which you ultimately quit).

You acknowledge that workout time should be a priority in your life, but your all-or-nothing attitude prevents you from committing in the long-term. Try these simple ideas that will leave your ego out of the game.

Circuit Classes

This is not a new idea, but it is hands-down one of the easiest ways to beat boredom. Although not regularly offered by public gyms at community centres, many private gyms and kick-boxing studios book off areas for circuit training classes. Show up, sweat a grotesque amount with others and get on with your day. Most gyms will provide a schedule online and I always suggest you make the use of the first-class-free deals before your plunk down any cash. For a real kick in the pants, try Iron City Muay Thai’s conditioning classes.

Fitness Music Mixes

Cardio machines are a staple in gym-goers’ winter routines, but even the best playlist won’t stave off boredom forever. Hello niche! Professional spin and cardio class instructors have hooked up with audio companies to combine coaching and beats-per-minute music (bbm). The result is music that helps you stay at your target pace, with a coach encouraging you along the way. My favourites are Deekron and Motion Traxx, both available on iTunes.

Type 3: The Silent Sufferer

Excuse: You don’t really have one, but your results are lacking and consequently, your routine isn’t giving you the mental and physical benefits you’re trying to achieve.

You find comfort in pushing your body because it quiets your mind. You love working out and manage to do it often, but by pushing too hard you’ve forgotten about the real joy that a healthy body brings – it’s time for you to have some fun outside the gym!

Vancouver Circus School

When I say big top, I’m not talking about muffins! One class at the Vancouver Circus School will have you working areas you didn’t even know had muscles. With four locations in B.C. and classes like beginner trapeze, your arms and legs will be screaming for an encore.

Insanity Workout Meetup Groups

If working out at home isn’t your thing and Crossfit is a craze that has a bit too much “intro” class time for you (wow, that’s me speaking), the newest craze of Insanity Workout Meetups is the thing you are looking for. Get into the intensity while getting out and bonding with similar gym-goers who are looking to spice things up.

Workout Advice for Every Personality Type