5 Healthy Summer Treats

There's no need to snack in secret with these five healthy and delicious summertime treats

There’s no need to snack in secret with these five healthy and delicious summertime treats

Summer means festivals, beach trips and BBQs. And what’s common to find at all of these activities? Food. Calgary-based Kristyn Hall, dietitian and CEO of Energize Nutrition, says not all fun summer food has to be a nutritional write-off.

Here are five of her top picks when the weather heats up…


1. Popsicles

These classic icy summer treats don’t have to be frozen sugar and artificial colour on a stick. Make your own healthy pops by freezing fruit and yogurt smoothies in popsicle moulds.


2. Popcorn

Sold at most summer festivals, popcorn is a fibre-rich choice much lower in calories than typical salty snacks like fries or chips. Make your own popcorn at home before heading out for the event so you can control the amount of salt. Prepared in unsaturated oil or air-popped, you can avoid the less healthy, solid saturated fat often used by commercial popcorn vendors.


3. Fresh-fruit desserts

Blueberry cobbler, a bowl of fresh strawberries topped with a little real whipped cream, poached peaches or a grilled fruit skewer are delicious dessert options that put fresh fruit centre stage.


4. Summer-ripe tomato salsa

Vine-ripened tomatoes, lime juice and a little cilantro are all it takes to make a fresh, nutrient-rich salsa. Served with all-natural corn tortilla chips, it’s a healthy alternative to nachos.


5. Refreshing beverages

Avoid the liquid candy so abundant in pop, slushies, milkshakes and sugary iced coffees. Instead, opt for an energizing homemade beverage made with fresh juice, water and refreshing herbs.