Make Healthy Simple With Evive Nutrition

Enjoy hassle-free healthy meals with blender-free smoothie cubes

Enjoy hassle-free healthy meals with blender-free smoothie cubes

It’s no secret that parents know a particular kind of chaos that can take hold as soon as they’re tasked with feeding the kids on a school morning.

If you’re looking to simplify your daily routine—make a quick and stress-free nutritious breakfast and get everyone out the door on time—Evive blender-free frozen smoothie cubes are the perfect go-to solution.

In three simple steps, you can shake up convenient and delicious meals (or snacks!) for your on-the-go, active lifestyle. 

Here’s all the wholesome goodness you need to know… and read to the end for a special gift!

Feel nourished every day 

Co-founders Claudia Poulin and Dominic Dubé launched their Montreal-based Evive Nutritionand its frozen smoothie cube conceptin 2015. With a shared passion for wellness and healthy eating, their personal smoothie making became a business venture while the pair attended university. Their busy mornings made it challenging to prepare nourishing smoothies every day from scratch.

With Evive, the balance of fresh fruit, vegetables and nutrients is pre-measured, ensuring maximum health benefits.

“Our frozen smoothie cubes contain highly organic products, plant-based, raw ingredients, superfoods, and are non-GMO with no added sugar,” explains Chanel George, Evive’s brand ambassador.

“Pop the cubes into a bottle or jar, add your liquid of choice, let the cubes melt for 20 minutes, and shake. It’s that easy. And there’s no messy blender to clean! You can enjoy it on the go, as breakfast, as a post-workout snack or an energy boost throughout your day.”

Smoothie flavours and nutritional facts

The eight-cube plastic wheelmade from recycled water bottlesis packaged three per bag and sold in grocery stores or via online subscription. Four cubes make a snack, while eight comprise a full meal. All flavours are gluten-free (yes, even the oats).

“For every flavour, each smoothie wheel contains between three to four servings of fruits and vegetables,” says George. “Just one wheel provides you or your child the suggested vegetable, fruit and vitamin daily intake.”

14 smoothie flavours, with a burst of vibrant colours, come labelled with unique names and a full nutritional breakdown. Here’s a handful of highlights…

  • Yogi: pear, kale, hemp seeds and spirulina, which builds and repairs with detoxifying properties;
  • Samourai: raspberry, beets and chia seeds, supporting digestion and strengthening the heart;
  • Kid-favourite Saphir: pineapple, cauliflower and blue spirulina, for brain support and glowing skin.

10 of the 14 flavours contain a dehydrated vegetable mixture (spinach, broccoli, carrot, tomato, beet and shiitake) that doesn’t affect the smoothie’s taste. Who knew getting kids to eat their broccoli could be so easy?

Lunch line and big value

Evive two-in-one lunches can be a game-changer for your family’s usual bowl and soup options. They require little to no planning, and can be prepared in five minutes (extra cook time for sides: quinoa, pasta, rice or other).

“Our lunch line is very popular because you have the variety to make your meal a soup by adding water,” says George. If you want a bowl, you can add rice or even vermicelli noodles. Our Mac Squash is a vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, which usually takes an hour from scratch.”

Retail bags contain two wheels, or save online with a box subscription (15 or 25 wheels) delivered monthly to your door, plus free shipping within Canada. Earn wellness points with their reward program for multiple benefits.

“The reason we do what we do is to facilitate everybody’s healthy lifestyle,” says George. “We want to empower everybody to get more from life through healthy eating.”

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