Vancouver’s Must-try Cold-Pressed Juiceries

Searching for cold-pressed juice in the city? These local juiceries have got what you need

Caught up in the juice craze? Then you’ll want to check out these Vancouver juiceries

The juice is loose in Vancouver. In fact, you’re just about as likely to see a bottle of the cold-pressed variety in the hands of a Vancouverite as you would a coffee these days. Why? Because cold-pressed juiceries are promoting the benefits of juice that health-conscious Vancouverites crave: fresh, organic produce that retains all of the nutrients lost in the standard pasteurization process.

Cassandre Greer, owner of the recently opened Heirloom Juice Co., says it’s no surprise that juicing and juice cleanses have become a big trend in Vancouver. “People are eating on the go and they want nutrition. Juice is such a great way to give your body what it needs.”

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The Juice Truck, Mobile Truck and Mount Pleasant

Because all of that wonderful juice couldn’t be contained by a single truck, The Juice Truck expanded into a bricks-and-mortar store last year. Drop by either location for cold-pressed juice blends like The Patio (blueberry pressed with pear, lime, mint, coconut water, aloe vera juice, ginger optional) or The Remedy (pineapple pressed with cucumber, kale, mint, ginger), a Wellness Shot (ginger, lemon, cayenne), or one of their sumptuous smoothies like The Almost Chocolate (banana, medjool dates, almond butter, raw cacao, raw maca, almond milk). For eats, the truck sells a range of edibles from Culver City Salads, and the café has its own superfood menu. Both carry Raw Chai Brownies, Cacao Coconut Bars, and Raw Energy Bars to quash any residual hunger. 

3-Day Cleanse: $195

Location: The truck is on the corner of Water and Abott Street; Café: 28 West 5th Avenue

Leafy Box, Yaletown

Visit Leafy Box for their incredible salad bar, but don’t leave without sampling one of its tasty cold-pressed juices. We recommend Essential Greens, a concoction of kale, spinach, celery, parsley, cucumber, apple, lemon, and ginger that became the winning recipe after experimenting with 20 other green juice blends. Pick up your dose of locally sourced liquefied produce at their main store in Yaletown or call ahead for delivery (free within Vancouver, North and West Van).

3-Day Cleanse: $150

Location: 1155 Pacific Blvd

Heirloom Juice Co., South Granville

Opened in fall 2014 by the good people at Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant, Heirloom Juice Co. has the same menu philosophy as the restaurant: organic and veggie-focused. Their juices are a delicious marriage of nutrition and convenience, designed to deliver a healthy boost on the go. Grab a Greensicle (cilantro, orance, cucumber, ginger, lime) for a refreshing kick, or customize one of their smoothies with superfoods like chia, hemp, maca root, or cold-pressed organic turmeric.

3-Day Clease: $195

Location: 2861 Granville Street

The Juicery Co., North Vancouver

Located on the North Shore, The Juicery Co. values the healing properties of nutritional food, and believes juicing isn’t a fad but a complete lifestyle change. But don’t worry – these juice gurus ease the process with a delicious rainbow of flavours, including Melon One (a blend of cantaloupe, orange, carrot, ginger, and turmeric) and the Vanilla Bean and Pear Almond Milk. Find your favourite blend at their production centre in North Vancouver, or order your cleanse online for and get it delivered to your door.

3-Day Cleanse: $198

Location: Lonsdale: 254 East 1st Street; Edgemont: 3130 Highland Blvd

Krokodile Pear, Kitsilano & Yaletown

Besides having a wicked name, Krokodile Pear is adored by juicers in the Kitsilano area. Their organic cold-pressed juices are made from produce as locally sourced as possible, and can now be enjoyed by downtown Vancouverites in a new Yaletown location. Fuel your urban rush or savour your leisure time with blends like English Bay (orange, cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, mint) Cypress (cucumber, carrot, beet, apple, lemon, ginger), or nutty milks like The Rockies (almond, brazil nut, raw vanilla, maple syrup, Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil, chia seeds).

3-Day Cleanse: $190-205

Location: Kitsilano: 1867 West 1st Avenue; Yaletown: 518 Davie Street

The Local Lift Juice Bar, North Vancouver

It seems fitting that the hub of all things healthy and power-packed should be located at the base of a mountain. Situated in Parkgate Village at the foot of Mount Seymour on the North Shore, The Local Lift Juice Bar was founded by Jacqueline and Chris Doll, a pair of athletes whose passion for skiing and mountain biking may only be rivaled by their drive for nourishing the neighbourhood. Their fresh-pressed juices uphold the mountain sports theme with names like ABC Elevation (apple, beet, carrot, spinach, lemon, ginger), Vertikale (apple, cucumber, kale, lemon), and Ascending Carrot (carrot, apple, lemon). Smoothies like their Baden-Powell Peanut Butter or Roadie Colada will keep you fueled through every black diamond run.

3-Day Cleanse: $99

Location: 118-1151 Mt. Seymour Road

Glory Juice Co., Arbutus Ridge

Approximately two pounds of organic produce goes into each bottle of Glory Juice – that’s a lot of essential vitamins! What you won’t be drinking are the sorts of added preservatives, sugar, and water that make conventional brands inferior. For a creamy protein punch, they’ve also got a line of raw, vegan nut milks that make dairy look dull. We suggest powerhouse blends like Beet Apple Burdock or Vanilla Fig, available at their MacDonald Street location or online for delivery.

3-Day Cleanse: $175

Location: 4027 Macdonald Street

Just Juice, West End

Inspired by the old saying, “You are what you eat!”, Just Juice strives to make nourishing and enhancing the body as easy – and delicious – as possible.  They even offer holistic nutrition counselling, courtesy of registered holistic nutritionist Jennifer Trecartin of My Edible Advice, for customers eager to get the most out of their cleanses. All of the cold-pressed juice cocktails and made-to-order smoothies are made from organic fruits and vegetables, and the health shots contain either fresh wheatgrass or E3Live algae. Signature recipes, such as Pink Lady (raspberry, beet, pineapple, pear, coconut water, ginger) can even be augmented with superfoods like turmeric, cayenne or mint.

3-Day Cleanse: $175

Location: 1107 Davie Street

The People’s Juicery, Yaletown

The people at The People’s Juicery are all about you – your health, your convenience, and your taste. With 48 hours’ notice, they’ll happily blend the customized juice of your dreams and prepare it for pick-up or delivery to your door. Every last nutritious drop is cold-pressed from organic fruits and veggies and sold within hours to maintain the integrity of live enzymes and vitamins. An added bonus: with a loyalty card, you receive a free bottle of the juice of your choice for every 12 purchases – and if you pre-pay for 10 bottles, you’ll get another for free.

3-Day Cleamse: $194.25

Location: 1058 Mainland Street

The Juice Box, Strathcona

The Juice Box not only produces organic juices and nut milks, sold in health- and environmentally conscious glass bottles, but also has a line of vitamin-rich soups that can be used to cleanse and detoxify. The Juice Box even offers a Bridal Cleanse, specially formulated by holistic nutritionist Alyssa Bauman of You can purchase juice blends like Dr. Burdock (apple, grapefruit, burdock), I Yam (yam, carrot, apple with touches of cinnamon and ginger) and Brazilian Horchata (brazil nut milk with cinnamon and a touch of maple syrup) as part of a weekly subscription, in one of their locally named cleanses (The Seawall, The Chief, and The Grind), or individually online through its website at Licious Living, or through SPUD.

3-Day Cleanse: $175

Location: 1114 E Pender Street

Credit: Roots+Fruits

Roots+Fruits (opening soon)

You may already have spotted Roots+Fruits owner Scott McTavish (of Notturno fame) or members of his team around the local farm markets, scouting the freshest organic produce for juicing. Their philosophy is about fueling the body with all the nutrients it needs to stay sharp and productive – which is why each glass bottle is filled with cold-pressed, unpasteurized juice made from seasonal organic ingredients. Pictured above is a little preview of the deliciousness to come: their Signature Chai-Infused Almond Milk (left), made with organic almonds, and one of their summer juice blends, made from organic cold-pressed cucumber, green apple, ginger root and mint. The soon-to-open cafe has been designed for comfort as well as convenience, the perfect spot to grab your daily “fuel”. In addition to nutrient-dense juices and nut milks, Roots+Fruits will also serve a variety of chewables, from housemade chia puddings and quinoa poridge to customizable Grain Bowls, which you can build from your choice of grain, veggies, and protein. For even greater convenience, the company has a Roots+Fruits card in the works for easy payment and loyalty perks. Keep an eye on the Roots+Fruits Facebook page for opening day updates!

3-Day Cleanse: $175-195

Location: 848 Powell Street