5 Fabulous Floats in Vancouver

Promote relaxation by getting your float on at one of these spots in and around Vancouver

Promote relaxation by getting your float on at one of these spots in and around Vancouver

There is no question that we all need a break from time to time. Floating has become an increasingly popular stress reliever in recent years and benefits abound. The act promotes a deep state of relaxation and quiets our sensory system to give it a rest. It has been known to help with symptoms of various health concerns, including Fibromyalgia, calming the nervous system, stabilizing blood pressure and lowering heart rate. Floating provides beneficial peace and can be done in capsules or rooms varying in size (for those that may not like to be confined to smaller spaces).

Here are five local places to float and induce your own state of zen…

1. Salt Wellness Centre

Bordering beautiful South Surrey/White Rock, Salt Wellness Centre is a little oasis. The business offers a few different float methods, and they set the bar high. The Wave float rooms are neither a room nor a tank but offer enough space to explore the art of floating, complete with LED light technology. In addition to these floats, Salt offers a beautiful relaxation room to help you reap all of the benefits of gorgeous pink salts.
5303 31st Avenue, Surrey

2. Float House

Nestled in the heart of Gastown, this gem of a franchise took things to new levels, as floating became popular. Not only do they educate the public in Vancouver, but they offer services throughout B.C. Float House is known for not only providing a break in your day but also educating us on the benefits of floating and the importance of coming on a consistent basis to combat stress and alleviate health-related struggles.
70 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

3. Float House

In the heart of the Fraser Valley, this Float House location opened up to accommodate the growing need for services outside the city. The standardized rooms allow for you to get the Float House experience… in the suburbs. Pop in for a lunchtime float as ample amenities allow you to freshen up before heading back to the office.
140 – 1828 McCallum Road, Abbotsford

4. Metta Rest Spa

This little gem is located on the way to UBC, allowing clients to escape the hustle and bustle of the city in one of their rest tanks. The capsules on-site are truly dreamy, offering light therapy and even soft music if you choose. While smaller, they allow for easy entry and exit if you’re feeling confined. As a bonus, treat yourself to a massage while you’re there.
3663 West Broadway, Vancouver

5. Luna Float

Luna Float is a little further into the Fraser Valley and marks Chilliwack’s first float centre. Using the ProFloat cabin for client comfort, this spot is great for guests with mobility concerns and those that may feel a bit claustrophobic. No matter your choice of float, these cabins allow visitors to kick back and truly escape daily stressors.
101 – 45645 Tamihi Way, Chilliwack

There is no doubt. Going for a float helps you relax and helps you get your groove back. Your self care regime can be significantly improved by floating on a regular basis, recognizing more long-term benefits.