5 Natural Ways to Energize Your Day

Here are five natural solutions to combat fatigue and increase energy

Feeling tired throughout the day? Searching for simple ways to increase energy? There are natural solutions to combat fatigue

Here are five easy ways to improve well-being…

1. Running short on B?

B vitamins are energy converters, taking the food we consume and breaking it down into energy for the body. B vitamins need to be replenished daily and a high quality, plant fibre, time-release supplement will do the trick. Many people only take single B vitamins such as B12 or B6 when a B-Complex or consumption along side a multivitamin is more beneficial. B vitamins work as a family and support the body. Exercise, alcohol consumption, extra weight and stress can all increase the need to replenish. By taking a high quality, high potency, B60 complex you can add energy and bounce to your day.
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2. In need of hydration

Reaching for a coffee may temporarily perk up energy levels but water is nature’s key source of hydration. Start off the day—with a natural kick—by drinking a tall glass of water with lemon in the morning for additional vitamin C. The body is dehydrated upon waking, especially after fasting during hours of rest, so making water a part of the morning routine—and then drinking more throughout the day—is a beneficial move. Not sure how much water you really need?
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3. The common iron deficiency

Women, vegetarians and vegans are particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency. When the body is short on iron, the blood cannot carry oxygen to the cells as required by muscles, organs and, of course, the brain. Iron deficiency leaves you feeling fatigued, reduces concentration and can even make you short on breath or feel light-headed. A high level iron supplement with co-factors (B12, vitamin C, folic acid) will help increase your body’s iron or ferritin levels. Look for iron bisglycinate as it reduces stomach irritation and constipation, while boasting the positive effects of iron supplementation. Spirulina is clinically proven to pull iron into the cells and is a key ingredient in many supplements.
Recommended: Power Iron + Organic Spirulina, the 2017 Clean Choice Award winner for Top Energy Supplement

4. Sleepless nights

Studies show seven hours of sleep are required by the majority of people to help repair the body, and to support a healthy metabolism. Great ways to improve sleep include turning off phones and TVs 30 minutes before bed and taking a natural, all-herbal sleep aid to relax the mind, nervous system and body. Most of us carry tension from the day in our muscles leading to a restless sleep or grinding teeth. By taking a herbal sleep aid and natural muscle relaxant, you’ll find yourself sleeping longer and deeper, and feeling energized to start your day!
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5. You must absorb some nutrients

During the rush of the day, we don’t always stop to think about the nutrients in our foods and whether they are absorbing into and supporting the body. Taking probiotics is a great way to add good bacteria but what about the bad bacteria and inflammation in the gut? This actually can cause bloating which, in turn, can lead to low absorption of the nutritious foods consumed. A herbal aid that breaks down bad bacteria, reduces inflammation and stimulates digestion is beneficial. Taken with each meal, it can improve digestion swiftly.
Recommended: Digest+

6. Try new vitamins and supplements

When researching supplements available in Canada, opt for clean, vegan products that will boost energy levels and leave you feeling your best. Experts often recommend starting one supplement for 10 to 14 days, before incorporating the next, so improvements and changes can be easily tracked, allowing the body to make gradual changes in the bid to achieve optimal energy and health.