Therapy Bars Offer Chocolate Treats Wrapped in Positive Messages

Get a side of empowerment with your instant gratification

Your Therapy Bar loves you

Your Therapy Bar loves you

We all resort to a little food therapy when times are tough. Now there’s a chocolate bar designed especially to help us get over the hurdles and onto better times

It’s no secret women have been known to use chocolate as therapy. That’s why Deliss Chocolate developed the My Therapy Bar. Inspired by a nasty divorce, the bars embody the perseverance to get through life’s hurdles.

Each bar is wrapped in an empowering statement: “I will survive,” “I love myself,” “Look at me now,” and the latest addition: “I love you,” to complete the process. What’s better, with the sale of each product a donation is made to a non-profit women’s organization.

Simply open the box, enjoy the chocolate and savour the messages. Because you will survive, with a little help from your chocolatey friends.